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  1. I'd think it'd be a good step up if I was treated differently at all for being a woman -- and I'm talking beyond the occasional, "Hard to imagine 'insert awesome hero title here' is really a woman. What a surprise," or, "You're a beautiful woman, Hawke," multiplied by four because every single friggin' NPC in that game will tell you how beautiful you are. Being treated badly or being pandered to are just as bad, in my opinion. There's classic sexism, where women in games are treated badly in-universe or out. Then there's the popular sexism where women are treated as totally awesome, althoug
  2. You're dedicated, I'll give you that -- and a cookie, if I had one. But I ate them all. And that's okay because I know you won't judge me for it.
  3. Seconding this. I find the lack of prior relationships in characters' lives disturbing. No one's ever married or involved with someone. They don't even have any friends except for after they join your group of awesome heroes and then they're your friend. They'll never fall in love with another companion or even feel attracted to another companion -- despite the fact that nearly ever single one of them will be attractive individuals -- they'll only ever fall in love with you. And no matter how "active" their sex life is, they've never had a kid. Ever. Even if they're a woman. Most likely becau
  4. And I'm sure you'd accuse MLK, Jr. of the same, no? ... You're comparing yourself to Martin Luther King, Jr.? You're preaching on a gaming forum and comparing yourself to Martin Luther King, Jr.? That's... beautiful and powerful. You have no idea. I'm not saying that the "plight of the overweight" isn't valid -- although I must admit to a bit of cynicism on the subject -- I'm just pointing out that there are plenty of other injustices in the modern media to care about. Fat people aren't the only individuals being treated poorly.
  5. Selective acceptance is selective. Yes, I'm very sure the misrepresentation or lack of any representation at all of "overweight" people in the media is very distressing. And yet how many albinos have you seen in a recent work of fiction that aren't villainous freaks? Since when were individuals with mental or personality disorders given fair treatment? I mean, they're more numerous than albinos, but that's all they have going for them. You're cherry picking your issues here.
  6. That's basically the entire motivation of an adventuring party for any given quest. It's why we break into the houses of hapless villagers and steal everything that's not nailed down.
  7. Leesburg Florida. Full of sunshine, mosquitoes, and hood-born-and-raised drug dealers. And very unhappy old people. Who like to clog up the roads on the weekends.
  8. As long as the buildings, trees, people, sky, cows, chickens, and ballrooms aren't all the same shade of dry mud. Except for the peasants; of course they're covered in mud. Some fun, gritty areas being filthy and dark is fine with me. I just don't want the whole world to be like that. Medieval Europe? Sure, why not? Everyone loves medieval Europe. To pieces. As long as the fantasy bits don't amount to mud-colored characters slinging spells around a Dark Ages-esque mud-colored world with maybe an elf or a dwarf here or there looking dour and standoffish. Also the color of mud.
  9. Can I keep that last line as a quote forever and ever? Seriously. Thank you. It's so hard to find people who want unique-looking characters. I'll admit to being a little disappointed when I found out that Aloth wasn't actually purple; it was just the lighting.
  10. This thread practically has me drooling. When I think of mega-dungeons, what I always come back to is a city that was built on top of a ruin, so some of the old architecture is still there, but the party would at some point venture down into the bowels of the old ruins. They'd be mostly flooded, of course -- maybe there's a lake in the newer city or on the edges of it -- so the ancient stone walls are slick and shining. And, naturally, the deepest levels are completely submerged in some areas. Pit traps, fake rooms that close off and fill with water, marble statues that become animated and
  11. Those are some suspiciously specific generalizations there. Unsurprisingly, it's not hard to tell what group you believed yourself to be a part of before you decided to let us know anyways. Have some decency and cover up; your bias is showing.
  12. I was thinking it was a spell scroll in his other hand. I don't even know if this is worth pointing out, but I wasn't exactly being serious. I don't actually think he's holding a fish.
  13. He's not a meatbag. I don't see any permastubble. And he's holding the back half of a fish in one hand and snakes in the other. I'm so excited for this game.
  14. Is there a category for those of us who are incredibly easy to please and yet also quite picky? There are very few games that I haven't enjoyed, whether they suck or not. And I'm well aware that they suck; it's usually not hard to tell, especially since finding flaws in them is not only simple but strangely enjoyable. But that doesn't mean I have the IQ of a two-year-old or that I'm a fanatic basement-dwelling weirdo with BioWare posters and pictures of naked Morrigan fanart all over my walls. Goodness no. I hate that woman. I like all the classics, but I like some of the modern ones too. N
  15. A generic-looking world inspired by medieval Europe with generic-looking "I'm so original because I'm different from the classic stereotypes!" companions. Especially if said world is inspired by medieval Europe and very little else. Only with elves and dwarves, slavery, and modern cuss words to make people giggle naughtily or feel like they're playing a really mature game.
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