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  1. In regards to combat, what sorts of skills or abilities would this Natural Philosopher have? The thing about wizards is they study magic so that they can cast spells, and they only study magic because they can cast spells in the first place. Gaining knowledge and understanding about natural law doesn't directly help you unless you can develop methods or devices that incorporate that knowledge (technology). The thing technology has over magic is the user doesn't necessarily have to understand how something works in order to be able to use it. The same goes for many magical devices. Maybe if the
  2. How is this in the spirit of the IE games? In IWD you have a party and they are with you the whole time, if you replace one then they're gone. In BG you don't have a set party, and if you leave someone behind, they are not considered 'your party' anymore. When you kick some one off your team they don't just go sit at the "party camp" like in Dragon Age. They are not 'yours' simply because you adventured with them for awhile. You're right, I had Dragon Age in mind when I wrote that, and not Baldur's Gate. I apologize I was in the wrong frame of mind. It's been a long time since I played
  3. Bingo! I find it strange that most of the people posting in this thread are of this mindset, but most posters in the thread about powergaming are of the mindset that, since it's a single player game, who cares?
  4. I am in favor of respeccing. The game should be challenging because it's challenging, not because my party is a piece of crap.
  5. If you're not going to let me bring my entire party with me, but you're still going to force me to keep them in my party, then they'd better level up with me. Also, if you're not going to let me bring my entire party with me, then the ones who aren't actively adventuring had better be doing something, and not just playing grab-ass at the party camp.
  6. I'd like to play a game where my character's best friend is the "Chosen One" who turns evil and I have to stop him. Sort of a Cloud-Sephiroth deal.
  7. I've always wanted to play someone who is the hero's best friend and comrade, always overshadowed because he's not "special" (think Eolis and Hercules). Then they end up on opposing sides. Maybe it's just a difference of opinion or maybe they have no control over it. Or maybe the hero just loses his mind or becomes corrupted and the PC has to stop him. Either way, I'd prefer if the "hero" is the main antagonist, but not the ultimate enemy (think Saren and the Reapers).
  8. I'm hoping this means that the PC is going to be (or will have the choice to be) someone with a weak or fractured soul, and part of the plot is developing a stronger one (leveling up). I'm tired of games where you play "The Chosen One", stories where the protagonist is "special" by no fault of their own. I really like the potential in this. I also like the idea of technology advancing faster than culture. It should make for some very interesting conflicts.
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