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  1. Morrowind was truly a fantasical setting. It's probably why Oblivion felt such a let down when compared to it.
  2. Some of my fondest memories of BG2 were the riddles in the game and it was fun figuring them out. Anyone else with me on this?
  3. I think we're more interested in variety rather than just popular the game with ugly characters. I think variety is a plus no?
  4. I love cloaks and I would love a toggle feature for the cloak up or down.
  5. I'm not particular fond of Elves and Dwarfs anymore mainly because they add so little and have been done to death in video games. I rather they just all be humans but with their own cultural quirks.
  6. I personally would like to see more spears or halberds in the game when it was probably the more common weapons in real life.
  7. I got to agree, it would be nice to see different women with different body types for a change. For that matter it would be nice to create male characters with different body types as well. I was surprised in The Old Republic you could make a fat guy and enjoyed seeing them around in game.
  8. I'm pretty sure no one wants to have a inventory baby again XD Heh, yeah I remember the baby in the inventory was pretty creepy in BG2 expansion. You can't even put that thing on the floor! I just think it would interesting if the game portrayed pregnant women in game since I can't recall there ever being one in an RPG.
  9. I agree with the larger companion size. I recently played "The Last Story" on the Wii and it was one of the rare games nowadays that allows 6 character parties and it was amazing with the interactions and the tactical aspect of the game. I sincerely hope the developers would allow a larger roster.
  10. The problem I have would be how the mother would actually be pregnant for 9 months and will be no good to the group unless she's an NPC at home and the character really should be there and not out adventuring in the world. Baldur's Gate 2 did try this by making a pregnant Aerie and it was interesting even though she probably would have had a number of miscarriage with the amount of damage she had taken. The thing we should consider is does it add to the story? If the storyline has escorting a pregnant woman from point A to B, I don't see why not and instead of having your own child we can have the character adopt the child instead.
  11. I think romance can be good if it's done right. I'm not particular fond of choosing certain dialogue trees and bam instantly that character is in love with me. It's like playing Sims and you just chat chat, flirt flirt, hug, massage, then woohoo. It's not a very realistic take on romance and why most players are turned off by it. I think if there is a romance it should be surrounded by an event, and an opportunity arises which lead to feelings. Perhaps the character and the love interest is stuck by themselves somewhere and gone through some sort of hardship that may lead to mutual feelings. Maybe a character's sidequest and a particular decision lead to it. Perhaps like a hard mode to a side quest. Of course it should be absolutely optional.
  12. Close Combat in RPGS are like playing Rockem' Sockem' Robots Baldur
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