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  1. Fifteen bucks. I had a decision to make. Alpha Protocol, or Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Then and there, I knew what the decision had to be. ... Don't get mad at me. I'm getting another fifteen dollars in a day or two, and then I'll buy Alpha Protocol. Aside from that, I'm playing through the Mega Man X series.
  2. I just beat Telltale's The Walking Dead. Overall it was a great game, it had some of the best characters I've seen, as well as having some decisions that were actually difficult to make. I hope Season 2 is just as good.
  3. Sweet. Did you install any mods or patches? I heard a lot of good stuff about the restoration project. Yeah, it's a pretty good mod. I like the stuff it adds to the game. Anyway, played more Fallout Tactics. Finished the stealth mission in a... less than subtle way. And now, I have to say: This game handles drug addiction terribly without a wait function.
  4. I want to play Skyrim, but either Open Cities hates me or all these graphical enhancements I've downloaded have broken the game enough to get me stuck in the corner club I started in with the Alternate Start mod. Either way, I'm too busy becoming a mad scientist in New Vegas to check.
  5. I forgot how addicting Fallout 2 could be when you start making progress. I started a new game and made it all the way to Vault City with a diplomatic character. (Using the Power Armor exploit of course, since I am tremendously bad at combat in Fallout 2, and the Restoration mod makes playing a diplomatic character without Power Armor a living hell.) Also playing Fallout Tactics on the side. It's stupid, but fun in it's own way.
  6. Gonna start playing through the first Far Cry and Doom 3. (With Sikkmod) Man, my rig is so hardcore, I can max Far Cry at 60 fps! I would have been such a pro gamer in 2004.
  7. I'm playing KotOR 2 right now. I've decided to skip KotOR 1 since I don't feel like going to all the trouble of getting back all the progress I lost a while back. I've also been messing around in Saints Row 2 and 3 recently. Mostly Saints Row 2, because despite it's incredibly bugginess and lack of optimization, there's a certain charm it has that Saint's Row The Third lost by going all-out crazy.
  8. Got The Walking Dead for 12$. Excellent game so far, just finished Episode One.
  9. Beat SR3 recently, but I'm still coming back to it and SR2, they're both so damn fun. I tried playing a bit of Homefront, and... agh, that hurt. I stopped playing after ten minutes, it was just so... bad. On an off-note, I played through a popular Half-Life 2 Horror Mod called Nightmare House 2 last night. It was like a low budget schlock horror film in game form and yet so many people are scared by it for some reason despite it being the most cliche horror mod in existence. Fun to play, though.
  10. Just beat Saints Row 2. I enjoyed playing as the Colonel from MGS, but I think I'm gonna go for something a bit different in The Third.
  11. Going into Saints Row 2, I didn't expect to be fighting Marcus the Super Mutant.
  12. With this THQ Collection, I won't be running out of games to play any time soon. Plus, I finally get to play Space Marine!
  13. Been playing Black & White 1 & 2. Peter Molyneux might not always deliver on his promises, but he can make a good enough game. I might also pick up the THQ bundle tomorrow and check out Saint's Row and the original Red Faction.
  14. Fantastic, it's a group of people claiming to be a classic RPG dev (Despite the vast majority of that RPG dev working at a completely different company that I actually know I can support) trying to get people to pay so they can make a game we don't even know if they can make either way.
  15. Got a free Steam key for Metro 2033. Alright! This is awesome!
  16. Quoting again to say: Holy **** there IS a job in The Sims 2 that is the exact equivalent of JRPG grinder.
  17. You better keep your mouth shut or they'll demote you to jRPG Grinder. Oh no! What I get get demoted from that?! I don't want to go back to my job as a Trash Talker! (That is a real job in this game, by the way. Sims do get paid for going online and cussing at people) There is a Game Designer job in The Sims 2, but apparently in The Sims game dev's only hire people who have gone through eight different personalities and skill sets of gamer and managed a guild in World of Warcraft which I'm not sure is entirely how a Gaming Career works... ONLY ONCE YOU HAVE MANAGED THE ULTIMATE WOW GUILD WILL YOU BE PREPARED TO TWEAK THE GRAPHICS ON LEVEL 3
  18. The Sims 2. All the expansions installed, of course. So my Sim has a job in gaming, and one of his hobbies is video games, of course. The Gaming Career, however, is added in Seasons, while the Gaming Hobby and Gaming Hobby chance cards are added in Free Time. Two separate add-on's. So my Sim is at work, doing his job (Which apparently being a designated Flag Carrier in an online FPS is a job somehow) and then I get a Free Time "Gaming Hobby" chance card in which my Sim is playing a handheld video game, and then his boss comes. I figure "Hey, his job IS to play video games, why not show his boss?" DEMOTED TO GOLD FARMER FOR PLAYING VIDEO GAMES ON THE JOB I am sensing a large contradiction between these two expansions.
  19. I think the most you can do is at one point tell Waking Cloud "The father in the cave is just a man who lived a really long time ago."
  20. CoD1 was a legitimately great game. Only other CoD I played was Black Ops. It's campaign was the worst thing I have ever played. Basically, just try and combine "Bad conspiracy theory" with "BOOM EXPLOSIVE ACTION" and a lot of writers who very likely think they're better than they actually are.
  21. Mostly Planetside. Fun game, but the Framerate is god-awful on my computer.
  22. I'm playing GMod, a little bit of PlanetSide 2, and more New Vegas.
  23. It would be bad for Yes Man to work for Mr. House because Mr. House has no use for him, and he's useless unless Mr. House is dead. Yes Man is House's single greatest threat, because he's the one securitron AI House can't control, and the one AI that can do everything he does. House would do anything to have him eliminated. Even if he did work for House, ANYBODY can tell him what to do. He would be more of a liability than a help. Tell him all of House's secrets, his weaknesses, his strengths, his plans? You can't just tell him not ttt ell anybody, to ignore others, because that conflicts with his programming, how he HAS to obey anyone. Send him on a top-secret mission, someone can easily ask "What are you doing?" and he would spit it all out. House and the NCR can't have a diplomatic solution because the NCR wants New Vegas and Hoover Dam, and so does House. They have conflicting interests, and the NCR will never stop until they have taken over both New Vegas and the Dam. The only reason you can convince them to leave in the first place is because they know that they can't survive another war with their current condition. They can't strike a deal with House, because House controls the entire New Vegas Strip, and he's not one to share his dreams with a greedy upstart Republic.
  24. Yes Man


    Damn, DoWII: Retribution for 7 bucks. Maybe...
  25. I really regret installing A World Of Pain on New Vegas now. I started a new character since I'm almost finished replaying the game with my traditional "Cyborg cowboy", and the guy who made AWOP decided that limiting the hard-as-balls difficulty of his mod to the mod's own dungeons was no fun, and that New Vegas was desperately in need of something to completely destroy any balance in the early game by making the early enemies just as tough as the Marked Men from the Divide. As if Jsawyer's mod didn't make the early game hard enough for a RobCo Certified Mad Scientist overly dependant on his robotic minions to protect him while he does his complicated sciencey business with his amazing science machines. Maybe it's time I took a short Mentat break and played through that one Steven Spielburg movie they were too lazy to make into a movie The Dig.
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