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  1. Hello Obsidian, I've backed you on Fig, and love reading Fig backer updates. No need for PoE 1 Kickstarter email really. I've backed you up already. Perhaps do an email check, if it's doubled, leave Fig on, remove from Kickstarter. That story is over. Thanks!
  2. From the latest PoE2 update: Tim is currently very busy with super-secret game here at Obsidian, and he wishes the Pillars II team well on our campaign and development, so thank you, Tim! It is official Can't remember if I was ever this hyped knowing absolutely nothing about the game
  3. Something new and original hopefully. I'd love to back an actual old school crew
  4. That was a rather enjoyable video, thank you Obsidian. I'm glad you guys are also happy with the end result, and hope it provides you with enough support to further fuel your creativity. The music part is where I was surprised the most, the conditions and the budget it had, and it was easily one of the favourite parts of the game. Good times!
  5. Portrait editor, also ability to change portrait after the game starter, if only for player created characters. This shouldn't be hard to make?
  6. Thank you Tom, and to the rest of your team. Infinity games are what made my childhood, and whilst New Vegas shines brightest out of recent releases, THIS GAME is what we have all been waiting for in our dreams. Your project is more than just a game, it's a statement across the spheres of gaming, that quality games still exist, and that it still has many supportes, who have been in the shadows, overlooked for far too long. Take pride in what you're doing, for it is truly special. As I told Brian Fargo before, it's an honour and a privilege to support you guys. P.S. Props to Tim at
  7. And I was rewarded with a juicy update. Can't get it unless you ask I realize it's too early for a video, but there must be **** ton of concept art etc. It is so hard to lower expectations and demands after watching Double Fine videos.
  8. All this yammering and marketing on forums is nice and fine, but I want some inside scoop on the production. A screentshot, video clip, something. I know I'm not alone.
  9. I loved character creation in most of Black Isle's games, and I could spend like an hour just rolling for perfect stats, while thinking of perfect background story and how to bloody name the char.
  10. Best update yet! They basically admitted they are catering for infinity engine fans, and as a guy who's beaten Baldur's Gate saga with every race, and each race with every class, I am happy. Honestly, I have yet to see an RPG that can tactically outdo Baldur's gate and Icewind dale. It's fantastic!
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