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  1. Yeah you are looking at it the wrong way, but it isn't really your fault because the game doesn't really explain it either.


    You are not intended to get every soul yourself.  Some souls wont even spawn of Xoti isn't there.  In fact, you aren't even really meant to be doing that in the first place, you just can as the herald of Berath.  That said, Xoti is heralding the souls into the afterlife, and you are sort of keeping them inside you.  Either way they ultimately end up back in the system which is fine by Berath, so there is no real conflict.   


    The banhammer never ever hit me, but looks like you read a lot in my post. Is the hammer a good acquaintance of yours ? :D

    not at all . But the way you wrote it..it really make you wonder 'why is he apologizing so much ? is he...Oh noe..........bad mod request!!!!! ' :biggrin:

    Considering the naked Orlan debacle, and the bathhouse, I wonder what you thought he was asking for that was bad enough to ban over :p

  3. Truthfully I don't agree with some of the mechanics changes, but they are small potatoes long run and don't really effect the game that much.  In my opinion Deadfire is an improvement over Eternity 1 in almost every way, graphically, musically, the VO, the world building, the factions, the party interactions, the class system, all of it is better.  But there are a few core problems.


    1: It probably isn't hard enough right now.  This is actually a very very minor issue.  The game balance can be tweaked and modded on the fly, and patches can continue to hit that will dial the game in more and more.  The current beta patch is already a big step in the right direction from what I am hearing.  It is only a matter of time before this is fixed, hence it is a minor problem.  It is also probably the top priority to fix, so likely sooner rather than later.


    2: Relationship bugs.  This is a little more problematic because finding all of them, and determining what is causing them, can be tough.  It will get fixed eventually, but it will take time.  By relationship bugs I mean things like talking to Furrante about mission X, then being asked by person Y to help Furrante with it, then when talking to Furrante again he acts like you never talked to him before.  Or how you might say recruit Tekehu, spend maybe 30 minutes with him in the party, then board your ship and suddenly he is your best friend and making a pass at you when you just met.

    3: The killer problem to me, the main plot is kind of weak.  This is the biggest problem with the game, because it isn't a bug, so it can't be patched.  The main plot just is not as good as say Eternity 1, or Baldur's Gate.  It isn't Neverwinter Nights 1 bad, but it isn't good.  There are already tons of posts about why in the spoiler forum, so not going to rehash that here.

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  4. Why is Nemnok in the poll ;p?

    I voted for Berath, they are at least consistent and not overtly trying to screw you at every single turn.  They also seem to be the most level headed/common sense god.


    Least favorite?  Skaen.  Sure Woedica may as well be called Adolf Hitler, and Ondra has completely lost her marbles by this point, but at least they are not sniveling little skivey dbags blaming all their problems on others like Skaen.

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    Sure there are a lot of "unique swords", but the only legendary requires you to kill an important NPC a lot of us might not want to kill, and the only other one better than Kapana Tanga is watcher only.

    Does it really matter whether a unique is legendary or not when you can easily get enough money to upgrade them to legendary late game?

    Money yes, not so sure about the materials.

  6. No that was all of them. The main difference is whether the beam is red, blue, or green.



    Post-DLC, ME3's endings are a little better explained. In the REALLY EFFING DUMB ending, the space beam kills all synthetic life in the galaxy somehow. This doesn't cause any other machines to fail and doesn't harm any organic life forms because reasons and also magic. In the I CANT THINK OF A SUITABLE ACRONYM FOR GREEN ending, organic and synthetic life are "merged" by way of pixie dust, which principally means that everyone has glowing green lines all over them now because reasons and also magic. In the BLUE IS HARD TO READ ON THIS BOARD ending, Commander Jesus gets his consciousness uploaded into a super-reaper who mind-controls all of the other reapers into stopping their plan because it's an incredibly stupid plan based on a series of incredibly stupid assumptions (this is accomplished by a big blue space beam). A big point is made in this one about how the original Commander Jesus died for your sins, and Reaper Jesus is just a clone of his consciousness.


    In case it wasn't clear, I think that the Blue Ending is noticeably less dumb than the others.


    I am Reaper Jesus, and this is my favorite store on the Citadel.

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  7. I would argue that giving player a set antagonist in an RPG is detrimental to the idea of the genre. If you are asked to create a character, and therefore his goals and ideals, it also should be up to you to pick an antagonist (or not pick one). Giving the player a set antagonist (you are against this guy and here is why) dramatically limits your ability to roleplay. Enemies define you. If the antagonist of your character is defined, so you must to be pre-defined by the game.

    Well that's the thing, RPG's often give the illusion of choice.  Just when done well you as the player don't notice.


    Let's look back at Obsidian's RPG's.


    Baldur's Gate 1/2, you get to make your character, choose their class, their sex, race, all this fun stuff.  As long as you understand you are Gorion's Ward, you grew up in Candlekeep, Imoen and Sarevok are your half siblings, and you are the son of the former god of murder.  Note how only those set things will ever be used as actual story beats, not whether you choose to be an elf for example.


    Eternity 1, you can choose basically every aspect of your character.  Even what you were doing up to the game starting.  Once the game starts though?  You are the Watcher, you had a past life where you had a relationship with a revolutionary named Iovara, and you worked for Thaos Ix Arkanon as an inquisitor, and you used to be an Engwithan.  Note how only the set parts of your character ever come up as actual story beats.


    How about Morrowind, a game so well built you can literally kill story critical NPC's and the game just lets you know you can't win anymore.  You can control all aspects of your backstory, total control.  Except for the fact that you will be a prisoner of the empire (Elder Scrolls Trope, I think only Daggerfall avoided it), and you are the reborn soul of Nerevar the greatest Dark Elf hero to ever live.  I give you one guess about what comes up in story beats of the game?


    Even in a good old table top game, you are still more than likely fighting against a group, or individual.  A good GM just finds a way to give your character buy in for that conflict.  I even once played in a really great DnD campaign where the Antagonist was in fact the person we were working for, we just didn't know it at the time.  So even though we never ended up in some sword fight to the death, they were clearly our "opposing force" and had the campaign continued I imagine eventually we would have had to fight them on some level.

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  8. The problem is that one person's body can never be a pile of bodies. It can be in a pile of bodies, it can even be the biggest and most interesting body, but the pile of bodies is a pile of bodies, and a single body is still a single body. The Watcher can't pull off godhood because the Watcher is a person, and PoE's gods are not people, not even close: they're ideals given form by the collective suicide of an entire civilization. Presumably you could make a god out of enough souls, including the Watcher, and presumably that god could have the Watcher's name, but I don't see any reason to think that it would be the Watcher.

    True, but there are a few catches here.


    1:  The Engwithans were united in purpose.  The ones who wanted a Woedica all went and made Woedica.  So they were probably mostly of like mind, mostly.


    2: It is made clear in game the Watcher controls multiple souls, like lots of souls by now, and their own soul is considerably stronger than a normal persons soul.


    So yes, at some point the "watcher" would get diluted, but there is no reason to believe he would not be the boss soul among the noise that is the god.

  9. I kind of agree with the OP.  It is indicated many times that you are shepherding and absorbing souls.  You are the brightest light in the in between short of the gods themselves.  You are "repairing" and communing with Luminous Adra.  You are also probably the only living person who can actually speak, and read, Engwithan.  Much less knows how to actually use their machines. 

    Also lets not forgot the "gods" are actually just a large number of Engwithan souls that have been merged together.

    So I am fairly sure the Watcher could pull off godhood, with enough souls and the right tech backing it up at least.

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  10. Definitely isn't just you OP. 

    I was actually kind of let down when Tyranny always had morally good choices at just about every point.  I never felt like I was a "bad guy" in that game.  Some of the factions weren't that evil either.  The Disfavored, while being militaristic to say the least, aren't bad guys.  Graven Ashe legitimately cares for his men like a family, and they even started off by trying to rebel against Kyros.  Then there is that other group, that while being a little dumb, are also fairly good guys.  Course there is always Nerat.


    Deadfire on the other hand... uh there are definitely points where this no morally sound choice.  While I never felt like a bad guy, I definitely felt like I was often working with bad guys.

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    Seriously Konstanten being the weakest sidekick really is a low blow.  Maybe the dwarf recovery front will finally get to see the horizon in Eternity 3.



    Bleak Walkers everywhere! Zero points in Diplomacy. lol

    or magranites

    I'm a Magranite Bleak Walker.  I also visited Sigil once and joined the Bleak Cabal.

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    Gentle reminder to those wanting to romance Ydwin: she's physically dead. Dead. Like Batman's parents.


    I'm saying this in a futile attempt to stop the inevitable crashing wave of the internet.

    Well....one of my characters is a Corpse-Eater, so...that works out. :dancing:
    i don't know if i should be shocked or applauding. or if i should just stop laughing first.

    Definitely applause.

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  13. this guy never pestered people with personal attacks hes just annoyed that he bought a game that currently is in his opinion broken, and hes not the only one thinking that so just chill out with aggression dude 


    you flamed him he didnt flame you that is very clear

    Like Boeroer said, there is nothing wrong with constructive criticism.  I don't know of anyone on the forums who claims the game is perfect, and not bug free.  It is not perfect, and it definitely has bugs.  It is probably too easy too, the only challenge to be had is if you wander off crit path early and often.


    But when the criticism is not constructive, is poorly written, and gets repeated over and over and over, it begins to annoy people.  Annoyed people are likely to respond negatively. 

  14. To be honest I think they should have been more adventurous from the beginning.  I can't help but feel per rest and certain other mechanics were there for no other reason than "that's how the IE games did it."


    I do lament the loss of health vs stamina, it is a much more interesting system than health that fully regens after combat.  With the removal of per rest abilities it would have helped add another layer of reasons to rest to the game.

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  15. why do people on this forum find it hard to grasp the concept that the game was released buggy as f$ck and that alot of people would term the game unplayable becasue of the difficulty issues.

    It is probably due to a basic mastery of language.


    For example unplayable means the game cannot be played.  It would be broken to the point the game won't load, or crashes immediately.  It does not mean the game is too easy so I refuse to play it.  Those aren't quite the same thing.


    1: Like many on the internet you are missing the point.  I am not saying the game is bad.  I am not saying the factions suck.  I am not saying the non linearity is bad.

    Maybe the problem is not with people you talk to, but with your ability to phrase your though

    I don't think so.


    The main plot of this game is weak.  It is too short, there is no antagonist/villain/enemy/opposing force/whatever name you want to invent for it (your so called ally gods do more to make your life miserable than Eothas does, during actual gameplay at least), and there is no conflict because it is made clear very early that you can't stop Eothas you can just figure out what he is doing and hope it isn't too bad.  Yes it is also completely disconnected from every other aspect of the game, even Skyrim managed to make a crazy dragon show up in town sometimes.  Yes being disconnected from every other aspect is bad, as it removes all urgency from the story, and fails to tie in the game as a whole.


    Also your original point was how this story was just like Fallout New Vegas, and the factions were tied to the story.  Which you are now admitting they aren't in your last post.  So my point was made there regardless.


    Lastly, "classical story structure" is not a trope, it is how you construct your story so that it is enjoyable to read/watch/whatever and flows correctly.  This the main critical path of the game is not a well constructed story.

  17. Depends on your perspective!

    True, but we know our perspective, that of the Watcher.


    Just bear in mind, I am saying Eothas is not a villain/antagonist/whatever you want to call it.  I am NOT saying he is a hero, or the good guy, or not doing reprehensible things. 


    Perspective is important, but the biggest perspective when determining the moral action of someone is the perspective of the person committing the act.  I simply suggest anyone Eothas killed, was someone he had to kill to achieve his goal, and that he did not kill anyone he didn't have to.  Additionally his end goal is self sacrifice to do what he feels will enrich the lives of the vast majority of kith.


    As for the Kreia example, that's all well and good but here is the better question.  Would his life have been better if you gave him nothing?  Don't know.  Would the people who mugged him have mugged someone else instead?  Probably.  I am not saying giving the money didn't make his life worse, I am saying that it isn't that simple.

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  18. Eothas is as much as villain as Thaos was a villain. They both do evil things in order to further their goals. You're free to agree with them that doing those evil things was worth it for whatever reason, but they're still villains in my eyes.

    This goes back to a set of posts from Eternity 1, primarily the topic being what is the difference between Thaos and Iovara.


    Yes, on paper, they are similar.  Both are willing to sacrifice to achieve ends that they believe are in the interests of the greater good.  The reason though that Thaos is a villain, and Eothas is not (Iovara too for that matter), is in the motivation and execution.


    Thaos wants to keep people stupid and hide the truth, because to pull a Jack Nichelson, he thinks they can't handle the truth.  To a lesser extent he also wants to put Woedica back in a place of total power over the other gods.  Considering what we know of Woedica, that would probably be a very bad thing.  Eothas (and Iovara) on the other hand want to reveal the truth, he isn't sure people can handle the truth, but he earnestly believes they deserve the chance to try. 


    So by definition Eothas's goal (and Iovara's) is a little less iffy. 


    There are also three key differences in execution of their goals.

    • Eothas tries to spare/save life where he can, and he has no interest in killing anyone he doesn't need to.  Bear in mind, he isn't the one that causes the volcano eruption killing all that remained of the giants, that was Magran.  Thaos was more than happy to up the body count and didn't care if he had to kill a few extra, like the Watcher for example. 


    • Eothas had a clear goal with a definite end point, so he would only need to hurt people to a certain point then could stop, so he could minimize the damage.  Thaos's goal by definition is never ending, so he would continue hurting the people he hurts into eternity if he got his way.    


    • Lastly, the most critical....    Eothas was willing to kill himself to achieve his goals, making the ultimate sacrifice to do what he thought was right.  Thaos shows no signs at all of self sacrifice, and got to die knowing he would be back in a few years regardless.
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  19. Note that I didn't call him an antagonist. I called him a villain.

    He isn't that either.  The Villain doesn't want the main character to live, the villain doesn't sacrifice their life to usher in a new era of human ingenuity. 


    Look at the anime (I know anime, I apologize) Code Geas.  To the entire world the main character is the Villain, but as the viewer you know his actual motivations and intentions.  So you know he isn't actually a bad guy.  The problem with Eothas is we don't have the view of the uneducated outsider, we have the view of the Watcher who Eothas is happy to explain his motivations to.  So he may be a bit misguided, but just like Veidt in Watchmen, he is not a villain, he is just doing what has to be done to ensure the survival of kith.

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