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  1. It fosters a nasty precedent that I suspect pours over into real life eventually. It is that it even occurs to the person to expect such a thing. To rationalize having —even full plated armor protection— while preferring to wear a robe (or even nothing at all).  :lol:   


    I'm fine with a hide the helmet button being in any game, but ~IMO~ if used, the PC should be vulnerable to headshots, and critical hits, because they are not wearing the helmet.

    Dude you would hate most modern mmo's.  I have seen some that will let you mod your armor to any appearance you want, as in full plate that looks like a robe.  I know of one that even makes every armor slot toggleable, as in, you could be in full gear but look like you are wearing nothing but a speedo.

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  2. So what are the consequences for taking the baby Vela to Sun and Shadow? I was thinking some soul would have hitched a ride in her body. 

    So..... the consequence is you get a character named Vela on your boat.  She is a little orlan girl, and sometimes has funny dialog with certain crew/companions.  That's it.  She never comes up in the story, never involved in any questions, nothing funktastic ever happens with her.


    When she does talk it is normally good stuff though.  It is just by the mid point of the game she will probably be done talking.

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  3. Uh let me try to answer point by point.


    1. How big are the factions?

    Well the only game Obsidian has ever made with bigger factions was Fallout New Vegas, and that one is only a little bigger.  The vast majority of the games best quests, story beats, and content is initiated on behalf of one or more factions.  They are huge, and critical to the game, even if not critical to the main plot.


    2. How big are Dunnage and Neketaka quest (aka content) wise?

    Think of Dunnage like Dyrford Village just slightly bigger.  I feel like that is a fair comparison.  Neketaka though?  Take Defiance Bay, combine it with Twin Elms, and increase it by another 25%-50%, and you will get Neketaka.  It is that big with that much content.


    3. How much do you lose out by playing the bad guy?

    Basically nothing.  Some companions may get pissed at you, drop you, maybe you get a mutiny on your ship.  I won't go into spoilers, but let's just say there are many many chances to be the bad guy.  At some points in the game it is even easier for your character if you are one.


    Bonus questions!



    Nope, not linking it.  Don't play the game by data, play what you think is fun.



    You should get the cannon when you leave Neketaka the first time I think, but I don't believe you had to pair the souls to the cannons in White March.  You just had to not free them entirely.

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  4. Well considering making her a full companion was a stretch goal we missed, she was only of the first characters to get a character reveal, there have been tons of threads about her, and she was the winner of the "which sidekick would you like to make a full companion in the expansions?" poll.....


    Yeah I feel like they may do it.  Honestly, there is no reason for them to add new characters with the expansions. Just flesh out the best sidekicks instead.  AKA: Ydwin, Rekke, and probably Mirke but I really like Fessina.


    This is not a bug, the low base damage is trade for it's cone attack. But I think the damage is a bit too low that discourage me on using it, 2h weapons are already inferior to dual wielding anyway, they should have crazy stats.


    Does the cone attack happen in every strike?

    Doesn't really matter, if people think it is a bug, report it.  What's the worst that will happen?  Obsidian will reply saying it is by design.  Then we will know for sure.

  6. I think Eder-Iselmyr is very sick, I am glad it didn't fire on my pt.

    Aloth has someone else in his head, another person, and that person takes control over his mind and makes him do things he would not do. And Eder in his stupidity doesn't see it.

    Okay stop, you clearly don't understand the mechanics/realities of Eora.


    Iselmyr is not "someone else". Iselmyr IS ALOTH.  He awakened to one of his past lives, this happened because in his current life he was not standing up for himself so his soul proactively did what it had to do to protect itself.


    If people get Aloth to come to terms with Iselmyr and face up to the reality of why she happened, shocker, he starts standing up for himself, and actually can be a bit of a "meanie" (really Obsidian, that isn't even a curse word).  There are scenes in my Deadfire game where he outright insults Pallegina/Eder calling them names and or stupid.  In fact, he is far ruder and condescending to them than they are him.  So again, he is the same person as Iselmyr, if you teach him to stand up for himself anyway.


    Why anyone would choose to keep her around is beyond me, because it just means Aloth as a character does not grow.


    Lastly, more critically, has anyone even gotten this so called Eder/Iselmyr romance to happen?  There are data mined game files, that's nice, but any search of google on this subject only leads to this very forum where people talk about data mining it.  No videos, no threads where people discuss it happening in their game, no one talking about how they got it to happen.  Data mined files aren't real, because they might be "in the data" but they don't exist "in the game". 


    Though I do agree Obsidian (and game Dev's in general) should do a better job of removing files/data that are not used in the final product.

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  7. I feel attacked by The Obsidian Order. :shifty:

    Really no one wants to know why these skills were not included in the game?

    In all honesty, I don't really care.  If Obsidian cut something from the game it was because it was unfinished, or determined not to be working well/too buggy, or got reworked into a different idea, or they just decided it wasn't a good asset in the end and added nothing positive.


    Those are literally the only reasons they would have cut something.


    The movie world is actually far more egregious about this.  There are major multi million/huge budget hollywood movies every year that feature scenes in the trailers... only to release with those scenes completely absent.  You had to mine game data for this stuff, their "cut content" was getting aired on national tv.

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  8. To be completely fair, this is not aimed directly at Josh Sawyer. I used to work with him as external QA and I can tell you that he's not a tyrant hell-bent on his own concept. Quite the opposite, he's very open to reasonable suggestions.


    I have nothing against balance itself, but I strongly believe it should be mostly completed before the title is released. Small tweaks after that are fine. Completely overhauling the game a month after it launches is just.. mean?

    While I actually agree with everything you posted on principle, this game absolutely needed a combat rebalance post launch.  It was not dialed in enough to be considered "finished" and it will probably get a few more passes still.


    The challenge with this sort of game is that there are just too many options.  All the different race/class combos, the different talents, spells, and add multi classing on top?  There are many ways a player will think to game this system Obsidian would never try.  I do agree that yes, at launch it could have been better, but there is no realistic way this game would not have needed post launch balancing and tweaks.

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  9. Man it is funny but the Dallas Cowboys effect can be seen in this poll.  For those who don't know the Dallas Cowboys effect,  it is thus, you either hate them, or love them.  You don't feel indifferent.


    Tekehu and Xoti are the second, and third most liked companions respectively based on this poll.  They are also the most disliked, and second most disliked characters respectively based on on this poll.

    In fact, they have been voted for one way or the other 143 times, on a poll that has been taken by only 244 people.  So one or both of them have been voted for by over half the people who took the poll.  Even  more interesting is Tekehu has been voted for 77 times one way or the other, which makes him the most voted for character.  Meanwhile Xoti has been voted for 66 times, only Eder and Tekehu have more total votes than her.  Eder only beating her by 4 votes.

    This says one thing if anything, kudo's to Obsidian, you designed those two companions very very well.

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  10. It depends on the sum total of your social media posts. If you tweet about how resentful you are, Skaen. Write on facebook about how you feel so much benevolence that you need to oppress the monsters who are less benevolent, Hylea. Angry about people posting your picture on Snapchat? Wael



    *notices all his social media posts are snarky comments and likes on cute dog videos*


    Looks like I am signing up with Galawain...

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  11. Anyone here played "Stasis"? It's an isometric sci-fi game, but no real time combat. I havent played it yet, but maybe it's how a game like this would look like.



    Meh, it is a point and click horror adventure game that just happens to be isometric.  Also you appear to wear no clothes which is kind of annoying to me.  I would like to see something in space that isn't horror based, cause that is getting a little old.

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    Okay so seriously, an isometric space RPG would be cool.  I am sure someone has already done it, but Obsidian hasn't. Maybe something sort of like mass effect only more classic.  Maybe do something like "The Mandate" tried to do before they effectively ran out of funding and went out of business.

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  13. it's been so long since i've played baldur's gate 1 or 2... so long in fact that i can't really remember it. and now i have a craving for buldur's gate. does anyone know if any of those remakes turned out to be anything resembling decent? i've heard a lot of horror stories saying hel no.

    The Beamdog remakes are fine with a few caveats.


    1: They added some new companions, these companions may or may not be your cup of tea.  You can ignore them either way so it isn't that big a deal.


    2: The Dragonspear middle game thing they invented?  It is crap, it does not mesh well with the story, and feels very much like a separate product despite involving many of the same characters and happening chronologically between games.  So I strongly advise pretending it just doesn't exist.


    3: There is some bonus content stuff not involving the NPC's and it feels a little out of place and monty haulish but it isn't that bad.


    Everything else is basically the stock original games just with some enhanced resolution, ui tweaks, and a few gameplay changes.  Nothing that really hurts the games.  So I advise giving them a shot and if you just want as close to the original experience as possible bear those three things in mind.

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  14.  The other side, the Disfavored, are genocidal racists.

    Not sure I concur.  There is a lot of "talk" in game where they discuss their attitudes about the superiority of northmen.... but I am not a northman and they are taking my orders just fine.  Barik talks about crazy genocidal things..... but never seems particularly inclined to actually commit any during the game.  I understand it is in the lore, but unlike the Chorus, the Disfavored don't really show a ton of evidence in game that they are really that bad.  Just talk and "back in blah blah 20 years ago....".

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