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  1. Uh a lot of this is sort of a non issue for now because we don't know enough to give an educated opinion. For example, how big is each floor? Do they get larger, smaller, or stay the same size as you progress? Will the game have teleportation magic? Is the dungeon designed to start at a specific "level" range then smoothly progress all the way to the bottom or will their be large spikes spread out as you progress where suddenly you have to be noticeably stronger? Will there be bosses spread throughout or just one final big bad at the end?


    The simple act of the game having that aforementioned teleportation magic (ala town portal scrolls of diablo) makes the whole thing a non issue for example.


    Just remember, this isn't diablo. Everyone likes loot but the game is not a loot grinder, there can be all sorts of reasons for wanting to leave the dungeon that can have nothing to do with how full your bags are.

  2. Personally I am voting don't care because I will play the same way regardless of model but.... The idea of making EXP objective or .... "accomplishment" based is a far more forward thinking model than just giving exp for every time you kill a dude or pick a lock. It would be nice if there could be some exp options other than questing though, such as EXP bonuses based on playstyle or character personality.


    Such as a mission that has you rescuing a hostage from bandits in a forest camp. There could be a bonus for making the bandits leave the forest entirely which could be done by one of a ways each giving differing rewards or "faction" effects. One may simply be to kill enough bandits they just leave for greener pastures. Not very original but it is effective. Another may be to steal their primary loot stash and either return it to town or maybe keep it...? They just disperse now that the loot is missing. Perhaps even give the option to fast talk or bribe the bandit leader into leaving which could have different effects depending on how you did it. If you wanted to really get creative you could even say poison the local river they use for water. That won't have repercussions will it?


    All of those actions cause the bandits to leave (or be dead) so you effectively get the bonus exp but only once since the bonus was for running the bandits off, not doing all the actions in and of themselves.

  3. The simple fact that only bludgeoning weapons work on everything make them the defacto best weapons in the game for no other reason.


    This is where you are wrong.

    Why is damage the only thing yo uare looking at?

    Is it the only thing that defines a weapon? No.


    For one, bludgeon isn't the best of all. Especially lighter bludgeon weaponry. They'd have a hard time agaisnt plate.

    It is true that such weapons work great agaianst anything that isn't rigid (lighter armors) - however, such weapons are also more sluggish and more easily dodged, and they lack the finesse of many other weapons.

    Thanks for pulling one sentence out of like three paragraphs and quoting it completely out of context. I was only responding to thoughts from earlier in the thread and saying that giving damage penalties to weapons versus specific armor types was a bad idea. That was just one reason among many.


    Also in response to more recent comments, again, penalties for size of corridor, need to "half" hand weapons to wield them in certain spaces, penalties for only thrusting, etc etc. It is just not a good idea. It is a fantasy RPG, not a medieval combat simulator. If someone switches to a different weapon set in combat it shouldn't be because they don't have enough room to swing their two hander or they need a weapon strong against chain mail. It should be because for this fight the tactical options the other weapon set gives them is more valuable. Be that due to added defense, offense, control, buffs, debuffs, or mobility.


    When a player chooses their weapons and playstyle it should be because that set up is more fun and or interesting for them to play. Not because rules say in this situation you use a one handed weapon or take a penalty to this or that. Focus shouldn't be on minute rules, it should be on the skills surrounding the weapons and how you can use them.

  4. Fighters and other melee/ranged combat classes are always about how you build them and how you deploy them. A lot of the stuff in this thread is neat and cool, but you also don't want to bog down the game with an insane number of rules and minutiae.


    This isn't D&D anymore in other words.


    Attacks of opportunity, the ability to use defensive actions like counters, parries, etc all good. The discussion about chain or combo moves is a nice idea. Maybe something like a Hamstring attack that does lower damage but makes the enemy "vulnerable" to a power attack that auto crits or some sort of status effect move like a stun or disarm. Or maybe even a charge attack that if it hits gives you the option to do a tackle move. Or ala many games like World of Warcraft when you parry or block you can counter with X attack.


    But things like long swords get penalties versus chain, rapiers do less damage to plate, etc. Shields give bonus ac when worn on the back. No. The simple fact that only bludgeoning weapons work on everything make them the defacto best weapons in the game for no other reason. Realism is nice, but it is a fantasy RPG.


    I would also suggest staying away from crit specials unless they were maybe tied into skills a player can learn. Instant death should be a no no either way, it is just too overpowered unless you make it so uncommon it just about never happens. Maybe as a very high level skill that requires under 50% enemy HP if it has to be there at all.


    If you want weapons to have a different feel stick to the basics. Weapon reach, speed, damage, and crit multipliers. If you really want to make weapons more unique than that give them bonuses to certain skills, such as Maces give a bonus to a skill that causes stuns, slashing weapons give a bonus to moves that hamstring or bleed an enemy, two handed or "spear" weapons give bonus damage on charge attacks, etc etc. If you have to have reach weapons then you must give them real penalties when used inside their reach zone. I don't mean like a minor minus to hit, I mean like a reasonable hit penalty and a damage penalty. That way you are forced to use them tactically instead of just as regular weapons with a better range.


    Options are great, but keep it simple and based around character development, not gear loadout. Not everyone knows D&D and with the license not being involved in this game I wouldn't expect them to follow the old Infinity Engine games rulesets. Lastly if you are going to talk theoretical damage numbers don't say 10+2d10 just say 12-30. Yes there is some mathematical difference in the average between the two but, again, no D&D license and making the game clear and more accessible is pretty important. While Project Eternity is definitely a nostalgia product it needs to be able to bring in gamers that have never rolled a d12 or played Baldur's Gate too.

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  5. Why not allow it? Morrowind is still my favorite Elder Scrolls game precisely because it let you do what you wanted, even if it meant you made the game un-winnable. It would warn you when you did that though.... Give the player the freedom to do almost anything really, just be ready to slam the consequences on them for it.


    PS: Tale, nice avatar. One of the best console RPG's ever made.

  6. While it is a cool idea in practice this should be avoided if it can't be done in actual seamless 3d. Only needing to design the areas from one universal perspective also gives the devs more time to make well rounded and interesting maps, not to mention on making them look as good as possible. Then there is the modding factor, if map creation becomes possible it would be a bit of a pain to do it from multiple angles.

  7. Heck no! This is a world of magic and such and my bog of holding weighs the same wether it has 1 gold coin in it or 1 million gold coins in it. Money having weight is just one of those annoying things that just get's in the way of fun. Long story short, inventory weight management mechanics doesn't add any "entertainment" to the package for the vast majority of players. If it doesn't make the game more enjoyable to the majority of players there is no real reason to include it.


    Limiting inventory space is cool, just this isn't the way to do it.

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