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  1. Rewarding in terms of loot and experience, sure. Rewarding in terms of being an enjoyable way to spend your time, (IMO) no. It's annoying and frustrating until you learn the mechanics, then boring and repetitive after you do. I vastly prefer closing to board and engaging in the well designed standard combat instead of the tacked on ship combat mini-game. Even if the enemies and ship layout are pretty similar, at least I can mix up the party members and tactics I'm using.

    Opinions, everyone has one.  I vastly prefer the ship combat, because it is ludicrously faster than "closing to board" and fighting it out, it also costs less money due to less repairs, and it gives my crew more exp making the next ship battle that much easier.

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  2. We could also just use the original wc portrait and change the colors a bit. I guess that's easier than making a watercolor version from a "normal" portrait (which is tricky if you want to really match the original Deadfire watercolor style in my opinion).

    Understatement of the year.


    Also, no, his image was fan art, not an official portrait.

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    Oh, and BG2 is not all it's cracked up to be. Even BG1 is a better game than BG2.



    Why? I'm honestly curious and would love to hear your opinion.


    In my view, BG1 is utter rubbish, because


    1) Dialogue options are extremely limited and badly written (no humour, no spark, no consistency, very often no opportunity to say anything sensible).

    2) There is far too much aimless wandering around huge maps with almost nothing on them. (There is none of this in BG2, and very little of it in any subsequent CRPGs -- clearly, game developers took notice of this blunder.)

    3) The story is all over the place, and while it's not exactly illogical or incoherent, it is not well-written either.

    4) There are far too many foolish insta-death opportunities, with basilisks and so on. This is just bad writing, and this was a feature that was rightly removed from essentially all subsequent CRPGs.

    5) None of the NPCs are interesting or well-written.


    To me, #2 is the biggest killer, and #3 is the nail on the coffin.


    BG1 looks like a rudimentary sketch towards something that would ultimately become extremely worthwhile, namely BG2. But as a game, it's just tosh.

    While I agree BG2 is a better game than BG1, you sure are ignoring a lot of the same mistakes in the sequel you call the first out for. 


    Do you honestly believe there was less insta gib death in BG2 than 1?  Really?  I have an army of mind flayers, beholders, level draining undead, and various other things that strongly disagree with you.  I also remember wandering around plenty of super huge maps in BG2 that also felt pretty boring and uninteresting, you are right, BG1 was worse, but not that much worse.  The story of 1 is not even remotely incoherent, and is certainly no worse written than BG2, nor is it all over the place. Dialog options could have been better, true, but again, isn't like this was all roses and sunshine in BG2 either.  I do admit BG2 had more (and better) "funny moments" but is that really what you judge the writing quality of an RPG by? 


    As for that last point... really?  None of the characters in the entire game were interesting or well written?  Not even one of them?  That one is going down in the history of unpopular (and probably patently wrong) opinions man.


    This is why people bite back so hard on this forum when posters come in praising BG2, because they do it from behind 5 layers of rose tinted glasses and act like BG2 did nothing wrong or poorly.

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  4. There are many good guides on how to win ship battles, even with just the starter ship, starter crews, and low end guns.  That said, it is best to avoid ship combat early game until you can get better guns, and a decent ship.  Then you can sail around looking for small ships to beat, leveling your crew, which then makes it much easier to beat the real ships.

    It is actually one of the most rewarding aspects of the game, if you learn how to play it.  Everyone hates it at first, and that is because the game does a crap job of teaching you how it works, or how to play it.

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    Uh you could always just play the ship combat mini game and sink them? You realize all you lose by doing that is a little extra coin and such? All the major loot such as Kapana Tanga will always be there regardless. Also pay attention to the enemy ship in general, some captains and crew may also be higher level than yours too.


    Glad to see obsidian is finally punishing people in some way for completely ignoring the entire ship combat game.

    I don’t think Obsidian is punishig anybody, but I do believe the just letting your ship duke it out with the other is faster than boarding.

    Always has been once you get a decent ship, with good guns, and good cannoneer's/gunners.  I sank the Deck of Many things yesterday just to see how hard it would be, took me roughly 2 minutes.

  6. Uh you could always just play the ship combat mini game and sink them?  You realize all you lose by doing that is a little extra coin and such?  All the major loot such as Kapana Tanga will always be there regardless.  Also pay attention to the enemy ship in general, some captains and crew may also be higher level than yours too.

    Glad to see obsidian is finally punishing people in some way for completely ignoring the entire ship combat game.

  7. Essence Interrupter - A new Hunting Bow created by you, the community, that has been infused with animancer technology to provide interesting effects to attacks. You can find this for sale in Henric's shop in Port Maje.


    Right there in the patch notes on the forums.  Haven't checked his inventory myself yet, but I will check it out later see if it is there for my game.


    You don't get a challenge or increase of difficulty with things like " no pause in battle " , " no saves allowed " , " Die once and your save file is deleted ", and so on...


    You obtain a good challenge and a good difficulty working with the AI.


    This. Good god, this. There's a reason that Sword Coast Stratagems is a damn classic.


    "No pausing in our RTWP game," doesn't make the game harder so much as it demands you compile a bunch of AI scripts to play the game for you.

    Which I personally feel like that defeats the whole point.

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  9. Just out of curiosity: where is the war? And where is the fanboyism?

    The fanboyism is right there in the thread title.


    Specifically, if he wanted a fair comparison that concluded he preferred BG2 he could have written a title like "Baldur's Gate 2 vs Deadfire: which games comes out on top?", or "Why I feel BG2 still holds up compared to Deadfire".


    But no he wrote Baldur's Gate II is GREATER THAN Deadfire.

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  10. Personally I think they could easily do a prequel, there is literally thousands of years of "stuff" that happened between Engwithan collapse, and the Saint's War.  Yes we know how it turned out sort of, but there are plenty of story options in between.  Could be a game about the fall of Old Vailia, the rise of Aedyr, defeating a skaenite rebellion we just don't know happened cause it wasn't relevant to Eternity 1-2.  If they do a prequel, it certainly should not be about the Saint's War.


    Anyway just for my own silliness, this is what I think would be possible for all existing companions sidekicks in a sequel -


    TLDR Version: Aloth, Hiravias (eh sorta), Zahua (maybe), Maneha, Serafen, Fessina, Mirke, Rekke, and Ydwin could all be easy to bring back as companions in a sequel.  I would really like to see Rekke and Ydwin as full companions actually.  If you want my detailed verbal diarrhea version of why I think this keep reading.




    • Aloth: Yeah he could show up again, mostly because he is a busy body with nothing really tying him down in any way.  His story also gives him an excuse to travel all over regardless of how it pans out.
    • Eder: Nope.  I feel like after Deadfire it really makes no sense for him to appear again.  He has the events of Deadfire to cope with, he might be a mayor somewhere, yada yada yada.  He doesn't have a lot of good reasons to continue as an adventurer.
    • Kana Rua: Unlikely, too busy dealing with his Ruatai nonsense now, no reason for him to run off at a glance.  I could see it happening depending on the plot of a sequel and Ruatai's involvement in said plot.
    • Durance: No.  Not only because of the Avellone stuff (ps, good riddance), but because he is basically insane, probably living in a ditch, and would be likely to try to kill you as an "agent of the gods".
    • Sagani: Big fat nope, she is back in Nasitaaq by now living the good life with the fam/village... or an outcast just doing what she can to get by depending.  Either way, no reason to be out adventuring anymore.
    • Pallegina: Highly unlikely, not only because of Sawyer wanting to refocus, but because of the multitude of ways Deadfire could have ended.  Additionally with her dedication to Valia, unless they have a strong reason for being highly involved in the next plot there would be no reason for her to be there anyway.  She has always been self motivated and an ally of convenience, your goals just happened to align.
    • Hiravias: Please Gaun no.  Seriously there is no real justification, his reasons for joining in the first place were always very uh... weak.  He is just a self interested guy doing his own thing, very little reason to team up with anyone.  I could see it happening if Obsidian wanted, it just wouldn't be that interesting in my opinion.
    • Grieving Mother: AKA Grieving lack of Personality, no, she has zero motivation to be adventuring regardless of how things turned out.  I can't imagine any story blurb that could cause her to show up again.
    • Devil of Caroc: As much as I would like to say it is possible, no, her endings in Eternity pretty much remove any chance of her ever showing up again even if she is alive.
    • Zahua: Probably not, he is too busy doing whatever it is he decided to do.  Now depending on location of the next game it is possible he could be there, and if he does try to "pass on" his skills you might get to recruit say a student of his.  I could see that working.
    • Maneha: Heck she was actually in Deadfire, I think she didn't offer to join simply because she was too busy having fun.  I could see her as a party member again, but only if the story had a reason for her getting interested in events.  Nothing really tying her down, and unlike some others, she is not a lone wolf type.
    • Maia Rua: Same as her brother, just not likely unless Ruatai is highly involved in the next game.
    • Serafen: He could make another appearance.  He isn't really tied down, nothing says a Principi pirate can't travel outside Deadfire, and it wouldn't be that hard writing him into just about anything.  Biggest thing is he's kind of a free wheeling do gooder, despite being a pirate, and like Maneha isn't a lone wolf and values teammates.
    • Tekehu: No way.  He is too tied down with responsibility in Deadfire regardless of how the game ends.  He is never really going to leave the Huana.
    • Xoti: Also really unlikely.  She is too busy with her duty, and doesn't have any strong reason to leave the Dawnstars regardless of how stuff plays out.
    • Fassina: Yeah I could see it, she doesn't like being tied down, and could easily be written into any number of locations for all sorts of reasons.  Her boss is a major busy body and even though she "left his employ" I could easily see the council calling on her for odd jobs.
    • Konstanten: No reason to bring him back, sorry Dwarf lovers.  No one has ever had less of a reason for adventuring in the first place, and there is just nothing happening with his character to justify it.
    • Mirke: Hilariously enough, just like Serafen, nothing stops her from going wherever or doing whatever.  So yeah, you could easily write her into just about any situation, just throw some money and booze at her and she will be motivated for any insanity.  Not sure they will want to write her back in, but it could easily be done.
    • Rekke: He could definitely return in a later games, he has no reason to return to his homeland, no loyalties keeping him in place, and he is definitely the adventuring type.
    • Vatnir: Well gotta play the DLC to have a better idea, but something tells me it will be unlikely for him to show up in future games.  At a glance he seems very situational.
    • Ydwin: Absolutely could return, she has tons of reasons to move around, do different research, and as a character her back story is very tied in with many overall plot/society issues of Eternity 1 and 2.  It was honestly a mistake in my opinion not making her a full companion to begin with.



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  11. Ofc not, that's not what I said.

    My bad, misread it, haven't had my coffee yet.  The problem with people like that is two fold, like I said, I don't believe them when they say they want a harder game.  If you wanted a harder game all you had to do was not make a twink fest party.  Second, designing for the biggest twinky and making it really hard for that, makes it nearly impossible/impossible for everything else.

  12. Also in the 2.0 beta you could combine Magrans Fires with Beraths Blessings by selecting first your desired Blessings in the New Game menu and then exit the menu and start a Magrans Fires New Game. In the 2.0 full release that doesn't work anymore. So no blessings for a challenge run.

    Probably by design, most people picking challenge options don't also want things that make the game easier.


    Obviously if you are an idiot tweaker and you plan a team full of min maxed custom characters who can all summon mobs so every fight is 10+ v whatever, maybe it still won't be super hard. 

    There are many people around here who will only be satisfied when what you're describing here is a requirement to even attempt POTD.

    Pretty sure that is not a requirement to "even attempt" path of the damned.

  14. I am going to give an answer that I suspect many will disagree with or won't like but has very valid reasoning behind it so I'm going to say it anyway.


    I think both PoE and Tyranny should remain single-player focused, the design seems tailored for a single-player experience. Of course they could force a fierce multiplayer option but it would just be a tack-on or even a dlc mode but who can name a game that has had a successful mp mode added through dlc? Nobody.


    "But they could easily tailor it to allow for a good multiplayer expected" NO. They really can't.. everything would basically have to be redone and that would take alot of resources from the fund-raiser. More trouble than what it's worth actually.


    I know alot of people really want multiplayer for Deadfire but multiplayer wasn't the initial vision and when something so drastic is added when it wasn't part of the initial vision, it ruins the game, it dilutes it. It will dilute it.


    For a muliplayer experience, I'd recommend stuff like Divinity Original Sin 1 or 2 - rpg's that were developed with MP in mind. Wasteland 3 will be amazing for multiplayer.


    I agree that BG2 had some great multiplayer moments but I don't think PoE would offer those kinds of moments because it's way too different. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it could if they implemented it but I'd rather not. Better safe than sorry?

    Never thought the day would come.  Sonic hit the nail on the head.


    Why does Original Sin work as multiplayer?  Because it was literally designed to be multiplayer from the ground up.  I wonder how many people ever play it single player, cause you find it isn't nearly as fun a game that way.  In fact, I have never gotten past chapter 2 in either Original Sin game in single player, because the lore/story/world/etc is just kinda boring.  What keeps you playing is your buddies, not the game.


    Eternity on the other hand was designed from the ground up to be a great single player experience.  You know what single player experiences are not that good at?  Multiplayer, because they were not designed with two players in mind.  I have seen plenty of posts complaining about how bad fully exploring Neketaka was (just don't do it in one shot people), imagine how bad that would be with 1-4 other players exploring it at the same time you do?  How much fun is real time with pause when you can't pause cause multiplayer?


    If they want to make a multiplayer Eternity, it needs to be built that way from the ground up.

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  15. Considering there are now modes that make it so you can't pause, can't recruit any team members, turn on iron man mode by default, etc, I would say it is probably pretty hard.  Obviously if you are an idiot tweaker and you plan a team full of min maxed custom characters who can all summon mobs so every fight is 10+ v whatever, maybe it still won't be super hard.  But then if you are doing that I have to question the validity of your "I want a hard game" statements.

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  16. Because so much of Deadfire's playtime is spent exploring the gigantic unnecessary city. The "islands" we get to explore are the size of a living room and have maybe 2 encounters on them. I want to properly explore an untamed wilderness, ancient ruins, etc.

    I don't know, I feel like I have explored a butt ton of agent ruins in Eternity 1/2 already.


    Also the thing about untamed wilderness.... It came make a great hack a slash combat centric game like Icewind Dale.  It doesn't make for a great story setting though, what with it all being wilderness.

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  17. Aedyr makes the most sense.  We just had a game of untamed wilderness islands to explore full of exotic locales and death, why do we want another game themed on exploration of exotic locales and death right after it?

    Also Aedyr is the most powerful current country, has a lot happening politically, and it is very different in culture/atmosphere than any of the previous games locations.  The only other option would be that place Rekke is from, of the Valian Republics which I feel like we had enough of for a bit in the last game also.

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