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  1. if i put my 20$ into this before the kickstarter campaign ended way back when, what version of the game do i get on steam?
  2. i think it should be class dependant at first and there should be multiple choices for example as a thief you should start out as either a thief who does it for fun who actually was born into wealth and has a room in a local manor, or a thief who steals to survive, living in a sewer, or an alley, or the city dungeon a fighter might live a nomadic life, living at the local tavern and hiring himself out as protection or maybe you have a day job as a town guard and you sleep at the barracks a mage could have a room at the local magic academy or a cottage in the woods near town if he doesnt like distractions, or even a magically created tower or stronghold a cleric or paladin might live in a humble room at the local temple or have a home on the second floor of the church that they run or at some point in the game you can adventure to a mage's tower full of arcane items and books and have the option of moving in after youve driven off whatever bad guy was there. this could also be done with a haunted mansion, a fortress, a cave-dungeon, a man made dungeon, whatever. or be given homes as rewards for great deeds, in which case it could start out as something small or maybe youre a knight given charge of a keep. at some point when the character is powerful it would be nice if you could run a whole town as a lord, deciding how to customize your keep and how to tax the town, how much money to spend on guard equipment, building and or upgrading local services like the tavern, guilds, shops, and then send other adventuring parties out into the world to deeds for you and pay them for it in some way, and get the macguffin you sent them after in return all this would get rid of the hobo part of the murderhobo stereotype of player characters
  3. in the past though they have given options at the start of the game for what your character sounds like, if they increased the options, would that be ok?
  4. ive got a couple ideas for character generation and customization at the beginning, make it optional to answer multiple choice questions to determine what class to play or even what your starting stats are then, have a very highly detailed up close view of the characters that you only see at character creation and in the inventory/character screen. what i mean by this is having highly detailed views of what your character looks like when inspecting them up close, but when the camera is isometric again it can use a LOD setting in the engine to make them use fewer vertices and save on performance. this would all be subject to how theyre presenting the game, this assumes 2d backgrounds and 3d characters, which was something someone said in another thread
  5. also make size category larger weapons for certain playthroughs where you want to hit things with a volkswagon sized sword, and make us take feats or traits that allow it (make use resources on that ability) thats really how i like to play barbarians
  6. I've been a huge fan of the games listed on kickstarter page since before Obsidian existed, and loved all of them, they are, to me, what games should be. The BEST medium of storytelling. Theyre interactive, which movies are not. They are visually represented, which books and tabletop RPGs are not. I mostly enjoy video games for their stories, I even play the new CoD games single player campaigns just to see the story progression of the characters. I also play mindless, storyless games for their own entertainment value, but now im getting off track. I'm too poor to donate to this project (screw it i'm donating anyway). I went to a game design school when i was a teenager, wanting to be a concept artist/lead designer in the industry. I'm currently occasionally employed as a construction worker and looking for other work, while designing campaign settings in my basement for fun. I have a lot of ideas for stuff like this (as a lot of people do, i know). I can draw decently, if slowly, and often draw what you would see in a Monster Manual or concept art book. One of my favorite aspects of RPG games or games in general is character customization, and hope that someday it will reach the unlimited possibilities of character design that you can achieve in pen and paper games. Anyway, I'm so excited about this idea that I want to come work for Obsidian, just so I can donate all my extra income after basic survival to this project to make the game as epic as possible. I don't really know how I could help but I'd find a way. This is basically just another THANK YOU SO MUCH thread. THANK YOU SO MUCH for these games. I have not been this excited about a game since hearing about the development of TOR 5 years ago, or early design rumors of Fable, or the MMO most people dont remember now, "Horizons". Both games had astounding design ideas going into development that were mostly not implimented due to time/budget constraints or the limitations of the game engines I'm sure. The idea of this project has made over a million in 1 day! I hope sincerely believe that this game will make as much money as a blockbuster game took to develop last time I knew the numbers, which was 14 million (around 8 years ago this was the number) on average, you totally deserve it
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