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  1. We'll see how it plays. Nothing's set in stone. I've just observed too much post-quest Black Ops slaughter to believe that players are going to behave differently when they can squeeze 1xp out of a peasant's head. I love you. Finally, no grinding.
  2. No level scaling, at all. That's how EVERY game should be done. Level scaling just doesn't make sense, no matter how it is implemented
  3. Heh... those are just ideas being bandied around. Not even a smidgen? Hard to avoid gossip... even in a medieval setting... My own thoughts would be to start of things very subtly. However, near the end of the game, if the PC and his companions have performed quite a number of heroic/villainous deeds, then perhaps there would be more detailed coverage. I believe this would make more sense. And the media coverage could cover other news: 1. On mysterious happenings - which could lead to other quests... 2. On rival adventuring groups - so you could follow their exploits and rise to powe
  4. i hate it when in games it is set upfront what is good and what is bad. every man sees it differently
  5. What's the point? I cannot actually believe there are people in this forum that have such idiotic problems like killable children. In Neverwinter Nights you could kill the mother, steal an infant and than just throw it out anywhere, turn it into drider or a goblin, or just sell it as a slave (ok, the last one got censored). In Bioshock you could even sacrifice little girl, damn. I guess i don't even have to mention what you could do in Black&White. **** political correctness people!
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