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  1. I know the Eschalon games made by Basilisk Games has a feature that allows you to bash in doors and chests. If the doors/chests are made of very sturdy stuff (reinforced with metal, for instance, or just really thick and sturdy) you'll likely destroy your weapon in the process (bashing weapons are able to take more damage than slashing or piercing, so it's better to use a hammer or mace than a sword or dagger).
  2. Woohoo! DRM-free! This is the news I've been waiting to here! Now...I just need to actually build up some funds so I can donate, too!
  3. There is nothing here that I didn't find intriguing on some level. I can't wait! Also, I love that dwarf ranger picture. I want to create that character right now in one of my D&D games.
  4. I recently played Pool of Radiance (the old one, from 1988), and gold had weight in that game. And it was pretty annoying. I was constantly weighed down by money through most of the second half of the game. If money is to have weight, we definetely need some kind of storage for it. Like a bank, or a chest at home, or something like that. Otherwise, I think it will cause more frustration than anything else.
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