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  1. Wow. Very nice work. I'm finding the 'Prelude' track to be somewhat evocative of some of James Horner's work for Star Trek II - not that it's derivitive, just that it immediately brought to mind the work of one of my favourite soundtrack composers.
  2. I've always peferred being able to combine a magic user with a rogue - agile, quick and packing both an arcane anf a mundane punch... But as others have said, I hope PE's system is flexible enough that it doesn't need to hack together two rigid classes.
  3. 41. The poll definitely could use higher tiers! Let's see... First computer was a VIC-20 (Yay 3kb of RAM!) and first pseudo-cRPG would've been Temple of Apshai... Since then (and through the C64, Amigas and several generations of PCs) there have simply been too many to mention. Elerond's list comes close though...
  4. Here's a simple solution for those who want only skills to improve with use. Why don't you just discipline yourself to only spend XP on skills you've used and let the rest of us play how we like? I'm fine with you having the opinion that skills should only improve with use. Great. Play that way. But many of us don't agree with you and I don't see why your play preferences should force the rest of us into a play style we at lease dislike (if not outright abhor!). Play your way and I'll play mine. The classic 'gin XP and spend them how you like' system gives the broadest flexibility to accommoda
  5. Regarding sleeping in dangerous areas: Something I don't recall seeing implemented in CRPG's is the posting of guards/sentries. I think it might be interesting to be able to specify which party members are keeping watch or sleeping and when and to have that affect the possibility/severity of potential night time inturruptions. For example, during a particular 'watch' in a forrested area characters with woodland survival related skills or rural backgrounds would have a better chance of detecting possible attackers before they attack and be able to rouse the party. Conversely, in an inte
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