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  1. I live in New Zealand and am well aware I'll be receiving my rewards later than most (and at a greater cost to you, also). That said my preference is easily you just package it all up once the discs are done and send it to me together. Cheaper for you, more efficient in terms of man-hours spent, packing and posting and less chance of backers needing to futz around with changing addresses etc. If I can play my download of the game at the same time as everyone else then I'm perfectly happy waiting patiently for the physical stuff to arrive in the post. Same story with Wasteland 2 and last I
  2. Great update. Super-informative as ususal. The conversation UI is absolutely gorgeous. Reminds me of how much I loved Icewind Dale's UI over all the Infinity Engine games and I'm profoundly happy you're revisiting it here. I'd agree with a previous suggestion about formatting description text differently. I love reading it and miss it in recent crpgs but it should definitely stand apart more than just dialogue printed without quotation marks. Italics, brackets and/or different colored text and then just drop the speech marks maybe? Also I would really like to see the portrait of th
  3. Very impressive how closely you were able to re-create the original concept. The quality and variety of textures, particularly floor textures is outstanding. Very promising!
  4. "You might want to pressurize the room because what you're about to see might make your head explode". Haha, silly Josh and his dry understatement, always kid- HOLY CRAP! -Gggghmrrgmuh! -Squeeeee! -Ooooooooooh. *sound of drool flowing from slack-jawed amazement* Absolutely phenomenal work guys. I honestly never expected the game to look as gorgeous as that. Super pumped.
  5. Dinosaurs make everything officially 93.4% better. There you have it. Go forth and make dinosaurs! Thank you. My pleasure. I charge by the half-hour.
  6. The minutiae of development is overwhelming. The tricks and tribulations to get every interactive elemnt in the game working like it should is a real eye-opener for non-techie people like me. The time taken to open the door on your world is very much appreciated. Difficulty with helmets eh? You coy sods ..
  7. Thanks for the reply Ieo! I'll take it then that this is still the highest resolution version of this available. Personally this is my favourite concept image so far. Can't wait for more.
  8. Speaking of Sagani, can anyone tell me if Obsidian have released an updated, character card of Sagani as they have with the other 4 characters? As for Paladins, this discussion reminds me a lot about the Paladin in Diablo 2. Their order was described as fanatically loyal to their code to the point of zealotry. Leading to it's downfall if I remember correctly.
  9. That's some serious dedication. What a wonderful gesture. Nice one A. Backer and congratulations again to Obsidian. Couldn't have happened for a better studio.
  10. How should Chris play the game? Well modded and fan-patched please! http://www.terra-arcanum.com/downloads/
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