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  1. I cannot help but notice that the fundraising is going VERY well....seeems like they will reach their target in less than two days and there are 30 more to go. Hard to say how much they can rise in that time....maybe 5 million, maybe 10 million. I mean really the sky is the limit here. Now with that said I seem to remember reading somewhere that the average development cost for a AAA title is 25 million. But we can still probably get a truly epic game for signifficantly less once you start cutting down the insane graphics budgets that get sunk into most AAA games these days. So the dillema here is simply this: they seem to be on track to rising a pretty epic budget and I would be beyond extatic if they manage to pass the 10 million mark which I think looks possible at the moment....hell at that point they could even look at multiplatform release and a game that with the right development can really challange the most poppular of AAA games in terms of sales. Thoughts?
  2. I would say he's got the right idea. The greatest game ever made imo was KotOR(back when BioWare still knew how to make good games) but what made the game so great were the characters and their conflicts a lot more than the setting. You could argue that the Star Wars universe was the setting but that doesn't really fly I think since we all saw how merely being in that universe is not even remotely close to enough to make something half decent. No, the locations were many and you were never in one place for too long....hell the locations weren't even connected beyond the goals and conflicts that the characters were facing. The game's only true focus were the characters and it delivered one of the most memorable stories ever made. So yes, I'm all for focusing on one truly epic story driven by characters. I absolutely do not care for pointless NPCs that do nothing other than reinforce what we know about the world if this focus and development detracts from creating an amazing story with choices and consequences.
  3. I don't want to speak too early but it looks like they will meed their 1.1 Mil goal in under 2 days....maybe even under 24 hours. This is plain and simply put the best news ever. They do promise to deliver quite a lot given the relatively small budget but we are talking about the greatest game developer to ever exist here so they probably have the engine in place and are ready to roll on a smooth development process.
  4. Indeed, though New Vegas was a move of absolute genius for them I think. Bethesda has the amazing open world and customization options and exploration but always lacked on the moral choices and top storytelling which are areas that nobody excelled better at than Obsidian. BioWare might have been good if they didn't betray everything they stood for and sold out to EA. Alas we have hope yet with companies like Obsidian staying true to their path and new rising tallent like CDPR. As for the game at hand that's about to be announced, hard to say really but I am holding my breath in anticipation.....sometimes literally
  5. I'd love a new Fallout from Obsidian....New Vegas was a billion times better than Fallout 3 which was still an amazing game. But I doubt it....the dragon and the hints they released so far seem to point to something along the lines of Skyrim. Medieval setting with dragons. Still that's not to say that they won't do another Fallout for bethesda in the future.
  6. This may well be one of their inspirations for the game but I really don't see them going for a game based on this....a bit too old and obscure to mean much to people so I doubt they'll be making a point of saying the game is based on it or to keep development from taking them miles off track for the sake of sticking to it. Still, good find though....interesting if nothing else.
  7. I think there is great wisdom in this bit here. As for the rest....I don't see much there. It's like saying that we haven't heard what hasn't been said which is not a great deal of help. All I can deduce from there is that Obsidian may be working on a prequel book to whatever RPG they are about to announce....this has become a more and more popular practice over the years.
  8. I can totally dig this. Actually this could be it although I don't see the Black Isle name as resurfacing. Still Obsidian is the one and only RPG developer that has stayed true to their origin over the years unlike others that either let fame and greed change them(***cough*** BioWare ***cough***) or failed. Still, whatever it is they will announce is pretty much guaranteed to be epic.
  9. I think this as well....the Xs will likely change gradually one by one until we are left with what is essentially a release date.
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