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  1. Aye, Planescape and Icewind Dale 2 especially had some of the best atmospheres due to sound ever.
  2. I was a bit unsettled by something Feargus mentioned in the Gamebanshee interview, namely "Ultimately, we really feel that what an RPG is about is the characters and the story
  3. Also, the only words in the english language to match the pattern are acerbity, alacrity, enormity, eternity and identity. Imo, only Eternity sounds epic enough to be a fantasy RPG title and also works well with the ouroboros.
  4. Interesting new idea, though the pattern ". X . X X . T X" starts off with a period
  5. I notice there are a lot of people against doing anything planescape related because no matter what, it wouldn't be as successful as the first one. I find that flawed for two reasons, namely 1) because the setting is a huge one and allows for immense variety in storytelling, not to mention the radical concepts that could be implement due to its inherent weirdness, and 2) these are some of the people responsible for the awesomeness that is PS:T in the first place, and therefore more than able to create something equally amazing. My opinion is that someone should not be discouraged from outdoing
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