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  1. Every single 0/10 score is a troll and Metacritic really should get to work deleting any and all scores bellow 7/10 for obvious and blatant lies and attempts at tricking the public into thinking the game is bad. It's unfortunate there can't really be criminal charges against people doing this stuff.
  2. Never heard of them and never dealt with them so I can't speak for how reliable/helpful they are. True but Obsidian can't help him.....any issues he may have are likely to need to be dealt with through the retailer.
  3. Not the Novella....that isn't done yet and will be released at a later date but the others are released
  4. Look on the backer portal and see which version of the game you're supposed to have. If it's not the Royal Edition then GOG will not have all the digital bonuses but if they are part of your tier or if you bought them as separate addons they'll be in the backer portal. At this point in time GOG is fully on point with all the versions of the game and the bonuses each is supposed to have. Judging by your copper badge I'm guessing your code was for the Hero edition.....that doesn't really come with many bonuses at all, this is not GOG's fault, so check your backer portal......if whatever you think you're supposed to have isn't there contact Obsidian support.
  5. You should have some kind of digital receipt or order number or something related to your upgrade purchase that you can contact Steam customer service about.....right? I know Valve's customer service is dodgy at its absolute best and Steam is a DRM-loving service but still.....they should be able to either refund your money or give you the content. I have never been screwed by GOG and they always replied to my customer service inquiries so if your issue does not get fixed then GOG is the place to go for your future gaming business......they're not in the business of f_____g their customers.
  6. Nice to see the first perfect 10 is up but I am concerned about the two traitors that rated PoE with 9.0 and 9.2......completely unacceptable, should be banned from Metacritic. As all reviewers should.....a very sad thing to say but I am glad some are doing what they are supposed to do.
  7. A nap should help you out for a couple of hours.......I wish I could say something more productive like "go have fun with your extra digital goodies" but seeing as Obsidian didn't see fit to unlock those we're really left completely empty handed.....doomed to count the seconds....or nap.
  8. GOG all day every day.....regardless of whether it's an online or offline PC....the benefits of DRM free purchases that don't make your gaming life an unbearable nightmare.
  9. Oh I know that feeling.....Europe absolutely has an enormous advantage over North America in F1's racing hours......that far more than compensates for what they have to wait on a few games....we're talking about pulling insane hours for some 19 races a year vs europeans being delayed a bit for less than a handful of games a year they await at release.
  10. You mean the guys from the forum that raised 10K for the game and are interested in it's success even if it ends up bad because they want to see more RPGs in that style? Sounds about right No community is free of trolls.....just because quite a few are from RPG codex doesn't mean they represent the intent and attitude of RPG codex....that's like judging this community as a whole based on the actions of a few trolls...
  11. Yep and the rating is 61 based on 31 ratings... There are no critic scores up at all yet.....those are user score or more to the point troll scores as the haters are always the first to rush and bash something in an attempt to bomb it's ratings. All user sores so far are not even based on the release version and the critical launch patch so they might as well all be deleted for all it matters.
  12. If we're talking forum posters the number is too ridiculously low to matter for anything......it would be a bloody miracle if it even reached 1k votes and there are tens of thousands of backers.....
  13. They have no control over the release time....9AM PST is standard protocol of the retailers unfortunately. How significant was that over 50% edge? If it's like 51 or 52% then I'm not sure the edge is really worth mentioning....you also have to account for the fact it's probably not representative of their backer base anyway because only a small fraction completed the survey.....unless Kickstarter collected that info about all their backers and handed it to obsidian or something crazy like that.
  14. Well....crap....why can't they at least put up all the digital goodies on the backer portal now so we have something to chew on for the next 7+ hours or something?
  15. I have been absolutely in love with Cypher lore ever since first presented as a stretch goal......to me playing them as casters is a must. A Godlike Cypher is probably going to be what I'll play for most if not all my playthroughs.
  16. GOG rules, but the WItcher 3 preorder has been on and off the top spot ever since introduced but never too far away. Even Divinity Original SIn had the top spot for like a month......but yeah, never has any game shown so much ownage as PoE that even got the $90 Royal Edition to outsell everything else....seems unthinkable really but it's happening and I'm happy that Obsidian seems set for great success here.
  17. Melee Cypher? Isn't that a waste of their talents? I mean, yeah you need to have a backup weapon to bash with while your focus cools down but they should be primarily casters. There are much better classes for melee fighting than Cyphers so I don't see why someone looking for Melee specialization would choose to be a cypher.
  18. I think I spotted a pixel out of place in one of the youtube videos showing PoE......such a shame, it will now have to settle for a Metascore of 99.....so close to perfection.
  19. I don't think so but I'm not entirely certain about Steam, it shouldn't though. GOG doesn't count KS codes redeemed under any of the three versions available at retail because they are different versions of the game....The Kickstarter Royal Edition is not the same as the retail Royal Edition....the KS version has more stuff that cannot be bought anymore.....same for the Hero and Champion editions.
  20. The upgrade should be a DLC that adds the Royal Edition bonuses....it shouldn't affect which version of the game you have.
  21. Oh it will do that and much more.....I doubt GTAV will see the top spot at all....either before or after its release. It's trying to fight against a far more superior game. Divinity Original Sin topped Steam and GOG for at least a month straight.....there's no telling when the reign of PoE will end, it may even last until the launch of Torment: Tides of Numenera.
  22. How do you know GOG doesn't get that many people a day? I think a lot of people underestimate just how many gamers have permanently said "no more, never again" to any and all forms of DRM.
  23. I hope it sends a far better message: DRM is worthless.....a DRM free game owns all the big name AAA games that are obsessed with DRM.....and nobody is pirating it. The message that treating customers with respect is far more guaranteed to deliver success than by punishing and restricting their paying customers and basically telling them that if they want to be able to truly enjoy a game they might as well just pirate it instead of paying for it because DRM will never cease to harass them. I'm hoping this forces Steam to change their policies on DRM to never tolerate it again and for them to start emulating GOG.
  24. I will say one good thing about Steam though: it shows exactly the enormous extent to which Pillars Of Eternity owns every other game....especially GTAV which is straight up being humiliated right now. I mean if a PC gamer wants GTAV he/she has no choice but to get it on Steam.....now realize that PoE owns the hell out of it on Steam and Steam isn't even the primary source of sales for PoE.....and PoE hasn't even been released yet!! That's the kind of straight up mopping the floor with the competition that I was hoping PoE would do.....here's hoping they continue to own the hell out of the competition permanently.....at least until Torment: Tides of Numenera launches.....I don't think anyone or anything can stop it from claiming the top spot globally when it releases.
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