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  1. can't we just drop the petty arguements? use the Iply boards for that!
  2. I never even thought of this place getting swarmed with SW fans. s**t. We are going to need alot more moderators.
  3. Everything we have points to that, and I think we have quite a bit. you might be finding out sooner than you think, and no, I havn't heard anything anybody else hasn't. If I were a betting man, and I am, I would be willing to bet Obsidian is working on KOTOR2. If I'm wrong, I am sure this quote will end up in at least two peoples sigs. :D
  4. I know, but did you expect anything else of the bat? This place will settle down. No biggie.
  5. So, no one knows what the hell "Blackmoon" is?
  6. I think something like 18 of the 22 or so people are exBIS. I'm sure I'll get corrected, but I don't think I'm to far off.
  7. Don't know about you guys, but I'm not really worried.
  8. No "crack down" needed. Don't be dramatic. First, its not that bad, just need a mod to move topics, keep them on topic, etc. Second, who didn't expect this when the forums opened?
  9. Is "project X" really the code name for Obsidians game?
  10. hmmmm...what if elves got ahold of nukes?
  11. It's all personal opinion, in terms of setting.
  12. Hey, I'll take a KOTOR2 happily, if it improves on a few certain aspects of KOTOR. I enjoyed KOTOR anyways tho. EDIT: If ign is right, and kotor2 is a indirect sequel, it kinda sucks the story won't be continued in some fashion. The lackluster endings of kotor left me wanting.
  13. It was a shameless self plug KC. Nice work! BTW, I don't think I have ever heard of a game that went console first or was released on the PC/Console at the same time that had public beta testers. Hell, Blizzard is know for beta testing, and I highly doubt you will see them sending out copies of "Ghost" to people.
  14. For those who stumble here and wonder what Obsidian is working on, this is an old news post by IGN talking about what they have heard: Click Me! A few bits from it:
  15. Anyone else seemingly lack the ability to load an avatar off their computer? It won't let me load even the smallest of pictures, which are way under the kb size.
  16. His first post was followed by his first online bashing. Ahhhh the memories being created today....
  17. I guess this is one of those "got to get the post counts up" kinda threads
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