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  1. Really, really happy that you guys are doing this. Have had a dumb grin on my face since I saw the news. You guys with a free hand to make what you want is pretty much the best recipe for a video game I can imagine. Excited!
  2. Hello, I'm a long time lurker here but I've followed the Interplay/BIS/Obsidian community basically since the first Torment forums appeared on the Interplay website. I just want to say that I don't actually care what kind of game you make. You guys have done enough to prove that any game that interests you will also interest me. My only desire is for you to make whatever kind of game you want to make. If you do that I will donate happily.
  3. Firefly Buffy The Vampire Slayer Angel Dead Like Me Wonderfalls Veronica Mars The Simpsons Mystery Science Theater 3000 I'm still reeling over the cancellation of Firefly and Angel. Firefly deserved so much better, but at least it got a movie to help bring it to something that, if looked at with the right light and at the right angle, can resemble some sort of closure. Angel's ending hurt bad since the show gained so much new energy during the fifth season and then had to stop long before that energy was spent.
  4. It was for a software developer position, actually. Seems like Firefly is pretty popular among geeky circles. Besides, I doubt McDonalds has such strict recruiting policies.
  5. I was at a job interview last thursday where the following dialog took place: Interviewer: "So what movie are you going to see tomorrow night?" Me: "Serenity" Interviewer: "You're on the team" Anyway, the movie rocked.
  6. A group of friends and I just finished a Shadowrun campaign yesterday. It turned out a bit... odd. I wanted to share some of the details of it, as I'm seriously wondering how common things like this are for other gaming groups. Long post to follow. Also there will be some Shadowrun specific content, and this post is potentially boring. I honestly don
  7. Thanks for posting this. I hadn't heard of this project before, but I will most definitely play it once it's released. It looks fantastic. Out of curiosity what about Thief 2 was impacted from it being rushed? The game seemed just as solid as the first to me.
  8. I didn't, but it still ranks pretty highly using my personal criteria. I can't think of any RPG where I enjoyed combat on the merits of the system. I just prefer that combat is quick and easy so it doesn't distract much from the rest of the game. If the animations are fun to watch, so much the better. For the record, I do like tactical combat games such as Jagged Alliance 2 or X-com. It's just that RPG systems tend to be simplified in comparison, and are not why I'm playing the game at any rate.
  9. Just finished the game, and I'm really impressed. I'm not a Star Wars fan and I didn't like the original game much, so KOTOR2 was a very pleasant surprise. It makes me feel a lot more optimistic about NWN2, considering I also don't like the FR or NWN.
  10. If this is true, then it really sucks. Although I liked the setting, overall I thought Arcanum was a pretty poor game. I never read anything about TOEE to compel me to buy it. However, Bloodlines was easily the most enjoyable RPG for me since Torment. It made me feel optimistic that there actually is an RPG developer worth watching other than Obsidian. I'd hate to see them go under just after they got it right. Although thinking back to Black Isle, I suppose it's better than just before.
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