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  1. Yeah, I am so done with this game. Almost regretting my support now :-/
  2. The patch has done absolutely nothing for me in terms of the Dozens/Knights quest lines. Still, after completing a single Dozens quest and simply accepting the second, I am a "close ally of the Dozens" and therefore cannot be trusted.
  3. Umm, am I missing something or was our issue with the Knights and the Dozens completely ignored?
  4. War. War never changes.

  5. Additional fixes are coming. See here http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72793-major-plot-progression-bug-act-2-the-duc-invitation/page-2
  6. Thanks for the update, but I'll wait until I can side properly with the Knights Just making sure: I hope that after 1.04 COMPLETING the second quest of a faction will cause siding with it, and not just ACCEPTING it. I also kinda hoped that we'll be able to steal the weapons from Bronze and give it to the Knights, but I'm just being a bit greedy here
  7. I can confirm the patch didn't fix anything for me. After accepting the Dozens' second quest, the Knights still won't cooperate with me.
  8. My game updated and I went to check with Clyver. Still gives me the "your relationship with the Dozens" speech and shoos me away.
  9. Does this mean that accepting (but not completing!) The Bronze Beneath the Lake won't block us from continuing the Knights' quest chain?
  10. Sounds cool, but I'm not a big fan of messing with a game's code
  11. This is my first post in this forum in years, and I've only come back here because I'm angry too Obsidian, make factions resent us because of the things we've DONE, not the things we MIGHT DO. Making the Knights stop cooperating because we merely accepted a quest is not fair and hinders role play. I actually intended to steal those weapons (from The Bronze Beneath the Lake) and bring them to the Knights (I actually suspected I might be able to do that), so now instead of supporting my favourite faction I'm locked out of it.
  12. Excellent news about a well deserved reward.
  13. Yes, I think it is safe to presume that Torn, as it was supposed to be, is gone. But from what I read, New Vegas borrows A LOT of its ideas, concepts and names from Van Buren (RIP), so hope is still there Do Obsidian employees sometimes comment in the forum and/or answer questions?
  14. Hello everybody. I'm an old fan of Black Isle's work, and think that the new Obsidian games are the best contemporary CRPGs out there (and yes, you do not fool me with your new name, guys. BI's touch is so obvious everywhere). While googling for other BI/Obsidian games, I found an unfamiliar name: Torn. I'm curious to know if there is any chance that at any point in the future Obsidian will try and complete this old project, or did the idea die with the name of Black Isle?
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