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  1. play co op for 10 mins on xbox live and you will come back here and have a different opinion.
  2. Is the mine bug being worked on for dungeon siege 3. And when can a patch be expected. Jason
  3. I'm not mad you said that, I just honestly wish it weren't true. It's one of the coolest games I've ever played. WTF is wrong with people. GRRR!!! The developers refused to heed the fans concerns during development and completely ignored all the features that make ARPG's great and gain some of them huge followings and big online communities. Dungeon Siege 3's online community has never exceeded Diablo 2's community size ... Diablo 2 is 11 years old. And it isn't like people weren't addressing their concerns before the game came out, because people were. Obsidian just thinks they know
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