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  1. Opinions aside. Because 3/10 means the game is unplayable not only due to bad design but bugs and a complete failure on multiple fronts. If you are going to give a game such a low score then you really need to explain why. An example... 10 - As a rule all games should start here and then be graded on merits. -1 - No New Game + -1 - No Keymapping -1 - Multiplayer camera is bad Those are my complaints against DS3, at the moment... that sets it at a 7/10. That's passing. But there is more! +1 - I liked the story. Short as it was I was very immersed and at the end... I craved more.
  2. very we put this is the exact response i had i was expecting a real dungeon game and got ripped off in other terms unplayable MP with crap camera and from what i read about 7-10h game play with no options to continue your character or rerun boss's for loot i said in another forum they should always take the game play from diablo 2 and work off its mechanics currently ive only played 1 hour of ds3 and couldnt stand it im preying for camera fix, new game +, more difficulty options,more loot options hell the list goes on but many others have mentioned this so im gonna wait for a good 4-5GB patc
  3. yes ive been a long time fan also and played all the black isle games my self but not the new obsidian ones except new vegas which rocked bloddy loved it all of it and yes DS3 has great looks story and gameplay but the shared view with mp and not having your characters saved to ur own account both of which me and id say 99% of people cant deal with there is no way im gonna play 8 hours or even 10 mins of a game on someones game when i exit and dont keep anything Diablo 2 and dungeon siege 2 should be 2 games looked too when anyone makes a dungeon crawler hell id take a copy and paste of the ol
  4. im with ya here make a d strafe keys without a doubt and have the camera stick to characters ass so if turning the camera follows instead of running backwards and such . the camera in whole needs replaceing the angle and view + the shared camera in MP is just garbage the character thing too they DID say you get ur own SP and MP characters i was figureing something like diablo 2 where u make x character and its stored on their servers where u can play several difficulitys with them and play through easy normal hard etc with the same character. hell we all know dungeon crawlers are about play
  5. lol so true also this should be a common rule of thumb for any dev games never shared screen in the past and were successful why on earth would they think we would want shared screen crap hell i would have taken the view from fallout new vegas
  6. ya wow you hit the nail on the head i put a complaint in other forums stateing same issues the BIGGEST being shared camera people want their OWN screen and no one and i do mean NO ONE wants to sit there and share a very small limited view with others we want the DS1 and DS2 view setups back where you could see 500 feet infront of u and if you wanted to you could run back to town to cash quest in shop etc while others push on i hate to say it but i got 2 hours into the game SOLO its manageable but in multiplayer i say screw that crap there is no way in hell im playin a game where it focuses all
  7. yes im preying they do the aspect is well off its not far back enough or high enough doesnt cover enough of the area i always find myself hitting the scroll wheel trying to get 5-10x further but yet it cycles the views on top of this the whole everyone share a screen in multiplayer is so stupid i was expecting something like DS1 or DS2 where you know each person can be where they want when they want as it should be and no shared screen i had so many friends wanting to buy this then they heard shared screen they all said screw that to put it nicely so this NEEDS to change if not that will
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