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  1. Troll or no, welcome to the club. You got ripped off. DEAL. WITH. IT.
  2. I vaguely remember Microsoft promising never to mix PC and 360 online games (can't cite it though), regardless of the circumstances. You're probably right and in this case the controls don't make that much of a difference.
  3. I'm sure both of them are very upset. I played the original games, and they weren’t anything that inspired a whole lot of passion. Other then a tiny bit of steam-punk it was about as generic as it’s possible for an RPG to be. I’d have liked a few more of the DS1/2 features in DS3 (party mechanics, pack animals), but other then that I’m not sure there was much else worth salvaging that Obsidian didn’t carry over. Frankly, the DS world presented in DS3 has about 100 times the character of the first two games combined.\ To me this felt like what happened with Dragon Age II. I thi
  4. Even though I don't like the tethered multiplayer I would much rather see this fixed before persistent characters are even considered.
  5. Eh, I'm not particularly happy with my purchase, but I'm waiting for patches. They've said they're working on them and we'll see what comes of it. It's very very difficult to pry a refund out of Steam (officially they don't allow it but you can stop payment and have your bank decide, which I have done twice, and won both times). I think a lot of complaints are legitimate, if delivered in a... less than helpful fashion. Its as much of my fault for not reading up on all the news approaching the release because after experiencing the quirky co-op limitations, the broken PC controls, and the share
  6. Multiplayer. I was substantially disappointed when I heard they gimped multiplayer and then tried to shrug it off as a "feature". Why do studios always feel an excessive need to change something fundamental to all the previous titles of a series? If I wanted a different type of multiplayer hack and slash from its predecessors I wouldn't be buying Dungeon Siege III on preorder. The first Dungeon Siege had the best multiplayer world IMHO. Wide expanse of world to explore, distinct maps from singleplayer, and people could drop in so you could continue to convince friends to pick up the game a
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