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  1. Gonna tell you a little secret: If you're paying your bills by doing any given thing, you're doing said thing professionally. But pssst! Don't tell. Truth right here!
  2. You despise Obsidian ? lol Dude, it's a game.. Calm down. Get a life
  3. Sure, except the demo doesn't do multi player. Nice try at a comeback though As I said - I have no problems with the single player experience. Thats enjoyable enough if you're into Action RPGs. But current Co-op offerings do not live up what was expected by many. I would expect a larger amount of responses from the americans once we hit the 22nd, so it's not something you as a moderator, or Obsidian as the developer should try to downplay. What are you talking about ? The demo has both local and online multiplayer.. On the 360 anyway. You just can't choose your own co-op buddy, but u can join random online games.. Nice comeback, huh ?
  4. Yes, I want to spend a lot of $$$ on this title as well.. Obsidian, get working on dlc NOW I wanna extend my DS3 experience
  5. better than 2 world 2 ? I disagree with you on that because that game have a big open world , no linear quest , a lot of customization ...the only weak point i guess is the story , VA, few MP maps and that you can't campaign co-op. IMO. Two worlds 2 is very linear for a open world game. Most caves and dungeons, u cant even enter before u have a quest there. Plus it has horrible dialogue. DS3 Is way better. This is now my favourite ARPG on the 360
  6. The game really rocks on the 360 Playing on hardcore. It forces you to learn boss tactics and play with strategy, and it feels a lot more satisfying when you beat 'em I rate DS3 8/10.. But the fun factor scores a clean 10/10. Really loving this ! Nice story, nice characters, extremely nice combat.. And the music is amazing ! Please Obsidian/Square.. Throw a lot of Dlc at us for this awesome console ARPG
  7. It's getting really boring listening to all the retro Ds1/Ds2 fanboys Just stfu. We don't care about those ancient games anyway. Im thrilled that Ds3 aint nothing like those crappy games. Thanks for makin' this awesome console game Obsidian/Square. Loved the demo, Can't wait for Friday
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