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  1. 1) Are you... are you actually equating console players to racists? That's really ****ing offensive. 1) Yes i'm equating some console players to racists and they are worst than ****ing offensive as i've seen not one but many of them. Obviously you've never tried League of Legends.
  2. Well that's why they need to watching Wasteland 2 and see how that does first. If Wasteland bombs, then avoid the console arena - if Wasteland is a hit, look at getting some of the pie... AFTER finishing the PC version. And it makes more sense for Obsidian to make a console port - they've made plenty of console games, whereas inExile haven't had nearly the same experience. I disagree. With just everything you've said.
  3. I'd be shocked if this didn't expand out to PC/Xbox/PS4. Shocked and annoyed.
  4. I'd be happy to throw into a PE2 Kickstarter. Inexile did a 2nd Kickstarter before Wasteland 2 was finished, and the Planescape Kickstarter did just fine. When it's a team I trust and genre I love, I'm more than happy to help make it happen. I know that it's kool to hate on Bioware, but I think DA:I is the best they've done since Baldur's Gate. The kind of pseudo open-world style they use is fairly reminiscent of BG games, and while there is some filler... well... only at the same level as BG had. And considering it (finally) introduced the tactical combat to console, it's by far th
  5. I'm guessing a remake of something recent is less work (upscale the textures, throw in some new models) than a remake that needs to be done from the ground up.
  6. I'm mainly a console player, and I'd love to see it on Xbox One if the time is right. A few caveats though: * Backers paid for the PC version. It needs to be out, stable and supported by DLC before the console version is started. * They probably want to watch how Banner Saga and Wasteland 2 do on Xbox before making any plans. At the end of the day, Obsidian are a business. More money for them means more games for us. If the PC version is finished and Wasteland 2 does good business on the Xbox, they'd be silly not to follow suit.
  7. I'd rather they focus on the core experience - I tend to dislike non-canon additions to story-heavy RPGs
  8. I'm not too proud to say that the suggestion excites me. FO:NV is still my favourite console rpg of all time, and I'd love to be able to visit from my Xbox One.
  9. Yep. And then redid it, just to be sure. SKU E-mail Date Status Amount Retail Pack with T-Shirt - $100.00 (email) September 15, 2012 5:49 PM OK $120.00
  10. Don't get me wrong - I don't need local multiplayer, I wouldn't use it and it's kind of silly. But it would be pretty easy to impliment. Or you could, you know, just past the controller to the bloke next to you when it's the other character's turn.
  11. Actually, same-room multiplayer where player-2 controlls the AI player in combat would be okay.
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