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  1. i think that DS3 start going in the right way. mybe one more DLC or expansion OR DS4 will be the ultimate H&S RPG, i love the gamplay,graphics and story of DS3 but i want more complex heros and more acceptable online, i will rate DS3 as 7 with the DLC mybe 8, i see the developers put love on the DLC..
  2. they release gameplay and we now how the combat system of diablo, its will be the same combat like 15 year before and every body answer amen.... from what i see the multiplayer of diablo will be great but other things will be like all game nothing new of spiecel...
  3. like the topic title, the dev say something? i want more from DS3... how the sales? the haters break the title? i finish the game and its 8/10 very good game graphics 9/10 so great i dont know what all the crying???? gameplay 9/10 i play with ps3 controller in my pc and its work great! combat system 9/10 one of the best combat system, all the hater talk about diablo3, this combat system take D3 with one hand charecter build 7/10 its good but improve will be nice stroy 7/10 nice not somthing spicel langth 6/10 its ok but th
  4. yea... ds3 is the best of the series... ds1 was fine ds2 was boring like hell... dungeon siege need to thanks obsidian for taking mid-low quality title and bring it to the front of action rpg... all the low rating in site is the 100 fanboys that ds1 and ds2 have... they try break the sales to change it to the low series that was before obsidian... poor gamer...
  5. can someone tell me how much left after stone brige?? 20-30%??
  6. I hope the americans read this forum before shelling out money on this title if their intent is to enjoy it in co-op mode. For single player the camera is still annoying, but you can get used to it. When player Co-op however you are pretty much forced to play either as melee, or as ranged in order to have any sort of tactical freedom. Forget about dashing with Lucas' 2h ability, because chances are you'll go off screen and get warped back to the host. I'd hate to think how it is with 4 people playing. So all you americans reading this before buying - Make up your mind regarding this ti
  7. yea i not complain just want more content, i want sepnd more money on this title obsidian devs look on this forums? they know players will happy to get more? i not have a problem pay 10$ per month for new DLC 4-5 hours, just want continue playing it.. the combat system is the best i see in ARPG(not include masterpiece demons souls), soo great...
  8. ok i buy the game its great and fun. i want asking if obsidian intend to give us a patch or dlc to improve the online exprince? now its time to move forwared and add new things to the game...
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