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  1. I think there may be some confusion between a bounty hunter and an assasin here. A Bounty Hunter is not required to kill or take on contract killings. They are used to retrieve people. Sometimes the option is given to them as to whether they kill them or not ie Dead or Alive. An Assasin on the other hand will kill people that their client has hired them to kill. Think about it. In Star Wars the most famous bounty hunter is Bobba Fett. Now he didn't kill Han Solo, now did he?
  2. Hi all I was thinking about the race that Yoda and Master Vanda are from. Does anyone know if they are naturally force sensitive or perhaps if they are natrually light side force sensitive? The reason I'm asking is that I have never, AFAIK, seen a non Jedi Master of the same race. Every other Jedi Master I can think of has non jedi in their race. Not so with their race (whatever it is called) I think it would be interesting if one of them popped up as a Sith Master or even as a guy working in a bar, but as a Big Bad Guy they would have the element of surprise. Any thoughts?
  3. Do we know if the PrCs are based of the Star Wars D20 system? If so perhaps someone can enlighten us as to what we might expect. (Kind of a long shot as I imagine that people would have posted them if they were)
  4. Perhaps they meant that he was mentioned in KOTOR2. Revan's story is done. Why bring him back into the new game? Personally, I don;t expect Revan to make an appearence or if (S)he does turn up then I would hope that that it is a small cameo. I agree with a previous poster that the 3rd game (should there be one) would be better served set beyond the lifetime of the characters in either KOTOR or KOTOR2.
  5. Taking on multiple enemies at once would be great. Perhaps something like whirlwind attack or spring attack from NWN (DnD) would be fealsible as the rule set for NWN and SW:KOTOR are very similar in many ways (Both D20). Looking at the trailer, it seems as if the whirlwind style attack is in so Obsidian seem to have it covered off. I recently started replaying KOTOR again, mainly due to finding out that this game is so close. One thig I would really like is more save points, especially after cut scenes.
  6. Does anyone know what it is that is unlocked after the first time you play the game? I was thinking that perhaps the PrCs can't be used until then.
  7. I have read that the inventory system is getting an overhaul in terms of filters but will it still be a communal inventory with no weight restrictions or will it be a more traditional invidiual inventory, do you think?
  8. I don't think the energy cells will be replacable ammo as the even the range weapons in the previous game didn't require any. Though, now I think of it, thats no reason to suggest that they will not implement and ammo system for ranged this time. The engery cells, emiter and lenses, are these in addition to the crystals used in the previous game or do they simply replace them as a customisation system?
  9. I don't understand. If taking advantage of that spoiled the game for you then why did you do it?
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