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  1. I died a few times, but I was playing with my 7 year old so I don't know how hard it actually is
  2. relationship between let's say Michelle and Heck/Madeleine would have been way different than the ones those charachters have with Michael. Well of course. Purely cosmetic gender is a necessary evil sometimes, but an evil nonetheless. Though a lesser evil than mono gender. If you can define so little about a character then you have a movie that requires the audience to wind the projector to keep it running. I'm just wondering why you care so much, these are the characters in the game, you dont have to be a man to choose the male characters, and you don't need to be a woman to choose the female characters. It's like saying you're not going to watch a movie because the main character is a guy... cmon seriously?
  3. so you want a female named Lucas? These are preset characters with names and background storys. This isn't Diablo or World of Warcraft. Get over it!
  4. Pretty sure one review that was just posted said the main questline took him 15 hours
  5. Boycotting quite possibly the greatest game of all time because of it's name is probably not the best idea.
  6. ya we can't get the limited edition here in Ontario!
  7. Guys guys guys, everybody likes boobs, guys like boobs, girls like boobs, there have been studies shown that staring at boobs as opposed to looking away actually makes you a healthier person. So let's get over it... no one wants to play with realistic people, unless the game is specifically supposed to be real every character is usually exadurated in different ways. It's what makes characters intresting. If you got a problem with jiggle physics objectifying woman, you are really looking waay to far into a video game!
  8. Haha I like to feel like I'm in charge, but I just like to let her pretend she's the boss!
  9. I've heard a rumour there is going to be a "limited edition" does anyone know what this includes and how much more it will cost than the normal edition?
  10. from everything i've watched and read, I've come to the conclusion that there are no AI players running around, you control one of 4 heroes (only 2 have been announced) If someone else joins your game they join the game as one of the other heroes. If you are just playing by yourself only one hero is present in the game and the other 3 heroes are lying dormant somewhere. I'm not 100% sure about this but at least a good 95% This is not correct. There's another AI player running around with you in SP. Ok well thanks for correcting me, I swear I saw a few videos where Lucas was just playing by himself though. Maybe it was just before he met any of his buddies.
  11. This is true. We also keep our co-op revival mechanic in single player (basically, you have to run over and help your buddy get up for a couple seconds without getting hit) and the AI will help you get back in the fight if you die. If they manage to get to you (which can be VERY hard on higher difficulties ) if two players are starting a co-op game from the start, can the second player choose from any of the 3 remaining characters right off the bat (after the first player chooses)
  12. I am just really hoping they do their best to give this game some great stuff to do after the story is complete, I am fine with 15-20 hours if you can play it over and over again (like Diablo 2) but if it's just 15-20 and then there is nothing left to do, you might as well just rent it for a week beat it and take it back.
  13. 15-20 hours is kind of disappointing, hopefully the game has some sort of replay value like a new game + or somethin
  14. The game will definately have acheivments on the Xbox and PS3, they all do!
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