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  1. relationship between let's say Michelle and Heck/Madeleine would have been way different than the ones those charachters have with Michael. Well of course. Purely cosmetic gender is a necessary evil sometimes, but an evil nonetheless. Though a lesser evil than mono gender. If you can define so little about a character then you have a movie that requires the audience to wind the projector to keep it running.
  2. Lets see: Witcher Series Gothic Series Two Words Series Many more I can't think of at the moment I haven't played because I'm only interested in female protagonists. Dragon Age Origins (II and I arn't speaking) Mass Effect Series Jade Empire (There may have been a heavy style for men and a fast style for women and a balanced style for both. I'm not sure) Neverwinter Nights (2 an Obsidian Game, would you beleive!) Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 (Obsidian!) The Elder Scrolls Most of the Ultima Series Fallout Games All infinity engine games except Planescape to my know
  3. Just curious here.. I have an xbox pad for my PC. I'm sure alot of people do. Even if theres P&C too I think Obsidian will need their asses whupped if they don't have a 'pad' mode for PC gamers. Also, from Demo.. is it true?
  4. No selection of even Gender? I don't think its very good in a game that someone should have to pick a sex they are uncomfortable with to experience the whole game. I don't want to have to play some dude to get sword and board. Probably a similar story for other people. People (meaning me) are familiar with games like World of Warcraft where theres no separation of classes based on what bits they have, and customization is a really important part of RPGs. I can't justify $60 for the two out of four classes i'll play. I guess I have to wait for bargain bin..
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