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  1. Really cool character, reminds me of the Vanquisher of Torchlight. I had a lot of fun with that character so I think this will be my first character in DS3. I love playing with females characters
  2. Is there going to be new gameplay vids in all this previews? A little something at least?
  3. I only hope for ones: Beat the game in the hardest Dif. Setting. Reach Max Level. Beat the game with every selectable character. With those I will be happy!!
  4. That's like Ninja Gaiden games, Im so happy for that, it will make combat really dynamic.
  5. Yeah I agree on the AI part, this is not a full pure action game where it needs to be an incredible AI. Awesome stuff there thanks.
  6. I was about to post that Trailer!! It looks awesome indeed!!
  7. Very awesome looking creature. He seems nice but Im sure if you get close to him he will kill you without hesitation Amazing art keep them coming!!
  8. Looks very good, and the music is fantastic too. That seemed to be the 360 version if so it looks amazing. Or could be the PC version with 360 controller suport. Either way looks very good and I can't wait to finally play it.
  9. Anyone knows if it will be the same release date for Northamerica?
  10. Amazing art! Thanks for that, now at last I can make a proper avatar
  11. They look very good, cant wait for it. We know for sure when its going to be released? this year right?
  12. I want to know exactly this too, how linear is the game or how open, that is very important to me, well not much but I prefer a more open game than a linear one.
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