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  1. @Noqn Thanks! I thought it would be somewhere in the vicinity of about 25. My first time around the wheel I was eager to move on from SSS to FS so just did the mandatory fights and moved on, but this time I've ramped up the difficulty and I'm enjoying the challenging combat so happy there are so many optional fights (kinda wish there were more actually).
  2. Just a quick note to say that I just stumbled upon this (S4) whilst googling about S3, and I can definitely see me coming back to do this once I've finished my current playthrough of Deadfire. Very cool!
  3. Hi folks. A few quick questions regarding SSS. I thought I did a "complete" playthrough of Deadfire about a year ago but I now realise I skipped a lot of the content for the SSS DLC and moved on to FS before finishing the game. This time I'm challenging myself to completing the entire game including all 3 DLCs on PoTD upscaled so I want to do every challenge/trial in SSS. Can someone please tell me how many actual arena fights there are if you do all the memory-item hunts? Also, I've just noticed that I can re-do trials after already completing their fights; can you just endlessly repeat them? And do they give the same rewards each time?
  4. In my current run I've been playing PoTD with upward-only level scaling but not with Trial of Iron. I have to salute you, Watcher! Do you play pretty much the entire game (i.e. main story + most side quests + all 3 DLCs) on PoTD + ToI? I had to repeat a few fights in Arkemyr's Manor, the Hanging Sepulchers, and had more than a few wipes in BoW and SSS, and I'm sure I had to repeat a couple of other fights as well, and I think I would get very frustrated having to restart from the very beginning with ToI mode. I find just regular PoTD with upscaling challenging and slow-going enough for me. Out of interest, I presume your Herald is a kind wayfarer (my current main character is a kind wayfarer/troubadour Herald and it's healing is awesome through dual-wielding flames of devotion and chants).
  5. Hi folks. I'm currently doing SSS and then straight on to FS. I want to bring Fassina with me (to see her dialogue and relationship with Konstanten as I missed those in my previous run). However, I have no idea what to do with Fassina. Her conjurer sub-class seems to add little (as most of the conjuring spells don't benefit much from PLs) and remove a whole bunch of decent wizard spells. Any suggestions for how to build and use her (open to suggestions for her as conjurer, lore-master or sorcerer). Just for info, the rest of the party I'm running for the DLCs is Herald (main) + Howler (Konstanten) + Priest (Xoti) + Mindstalker (Ydwin), and I'm playing POTD upscaled and currently level 19.
  6. Hi folks. I could do with some suggestions for how to configure my party for the SSS and Forgotten Sanctum dlcs. I've done these DLCs before on an easier difficulty setting using the regular companions but this time want to take Ydwin, Konstanten and Fassina (to see their dialogue and barks). I am playing on PoTD upscaled, and finding it doable but rather difficult, and as I recall SSS and FS are pretty tough, so I want a solid party set up that works well, but struggling to think of a good combination that includes my main character, Ydwin, Konstanten and Fassina. For vanilla and Bow I used the following party: Paladin-Chanter (Main Character) + Fighter (Eder) + Druid (Tekahu) + Priest (Xoti or Vatnir) + Rogue-Cipher (Ydwin) (for BoW I replaced Tekahu with a Ranger-Druid so I could use Concussive Tranq on Neriscyrlas). For SSS and FS I'm thinking of filling the Druid spot with Fassina (Druid-Wizard), but I'm concerned that a multi-class caster/caster is not a good idea. What do you think, can Fasssina as Druid/Wizard (Sorcerer) work on PoTD upscaled? I'm also not sure what class to use for Konstanten and who to replace. Maybe remove Eder and configure Konstanten as a Barbarian-Chanter (Howler)? In summary, I could do with any suggestions for the party as long as it involves my Paladin-Chanter, Ydwin, Fassina and Konstanten. I haven't yet recruited Fassina and Konstanten so no class selection has been made for them yet (and I can use mod to reset the class selection for companions/sidekicks if necessary). Best wishes, Vas.
  7. @BoeroerDungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Baldurs Gate and Icewind Dale were classics I also played when I was young (though I somehow missed Pools of Radiance). And I get what you say about MMOs and forums. I went through an MMORPG phase (mainly World of Warcraft and Elder Scrolls Online) but nowadays just play single-player CRPGs like Deadfire and Pathfinder, and other tactical/strategic games and get my gaming community fix through forums and discord rather than in-game chat.
  8. @BoeroerHehe, I can sympathise. When I look at the total time I've got invested in all the RPG games I've got in Steam then I start to feel a bit weird too.
  9. Quick open question for fellow visitors to this forum; how many times have you been around the wheel in PoE and Deadfire? I'm nearing the end of my second complete run-through and whilst I have a backlog of other games to play, I'm seriously thinking of immediately starting a third complete playthrough. (I'm usually a one-and-done player when it comes to CRPGs so for me this is quite unusual).
  10. What about Rekke? Does he get any dialogue content in the DLCs (or the vanilla game for that matter)?
  11. Hi folks. I've just hit level 16 in current run and about to start doing the DLCs. Last time around the wheel I did the DLCs without using the "sidekicks". This time I want to see their dialogue. Two questions: 1) Firstly, my understanding is that the following sidekicks have significant content in the DLCs: BoW (Vatnir and Ydwin), SSS and FS (Konstantin and Fassina). Is that about right? Do Ydwin and Vatnir get any content in SSS and FS? 2) I stumbled upon a post that suggests that Rekke actually gets a good amount of content in the above DLCs. I assumed in my previous run through that he had no significant content seeing as he doesn't speak any Deadfire language. Is it worth taking him with me?
  12. So I guided Xoti to the dark "reaper" path by encouraging her to keep the souls in her lantern and it's clear from her morbid dialogue about the things she hears, sees and dreams that her mind is quite broken now. I've been keeping her in the party to see if this manifests itself in any interesting ways but it just seems to be these occasional repeated darker dialogues snippets. If I keep her in the party, does it ever become anything more than these occasional snippets of dark dialogue?
  13. So one thing I've discovered is that if your hired adventurers who are not part of your current party die whilst defending the ship from a boarding attack, they are permanently killed. Had a battle against 18 people on the enemy ship, and whilst they all went down easily, not before they swamped my non-party companions on the edge of the battle. Guess it's a good idea to keep them all levelled up and well geared at all times even if they are not part of the main party. Not sure if that also applies to the companions (Aloth nearly died in the fight whilst not part of the party, had to heal him up quickly otherwise he would have dropped).
  14. @dgray62 Funnily enough, I had also given some thought to roleplaying a fanatical revolutionary with the aim of liberating the Roparu and destroying the slavers, nobility and corporations. Pretty much would put me at odds with all the major factions in Neketaka. It's a shame there isn't really a Roparu faction in Deadfire (feels like an omission); I guess the new-blood anti-slaver arm of the Principi is the closest thing.
  15. Wow, returned to more replies than I was expecting. Nice. Thanks everybody! With regard to the main companions, I think Xoti's "dark reaper" pathway is the only real darkness I've seen from them. Yes, it turns out that Maia is an assassin on the side (shame she doesn't have a ranger-assassin class option), but hard to judge her for that considering how many "monsters" I've slain for their sweet sweet loot over the years even when playing an ostensibly good-aligned character. I wonder if it's possible to create a custom PoE 1 history that makes Aloth a bit darker? As an aside, I've only had him in the party for short stretches in Deadfire and haven't seen Iselmyr come out during any of that. Maybe next time around the wheel I'm have Aloth in my party as a regular. I've not really used the sidekicks much except Ydwin (the only companion/sidekick that makes a decent pure rogue or mindstalker). I will try Vatnir next time around the wheel though it's fairly late into the game that he is available. With regard to class, I guess any class can be used for a "dark" main character. I like the Bleak Walker because it provides some actual pressure to follow the cruel and aggressive dialogue options (shame only Paladin has disposition-related links). I like the suggestion of a bleak cannibalistic fanatic (bleak walker/corpse eater). Xaurip companions would be a lot of fun. It's a shame you can't have Xaurips (Deadfire's Kobolds?) and Lagufaeth companions (Mother Sharp Rock as companion please) or as a playable race, though I guess they would be fundamentally outcasts in civilised areas (though you do see the occasional wilder in Neketaka). With regard to dark magic, I find animancy to be quite dark, or at least the unethical experiments that put people's souls into constructs. On that note, pity that the Devil of Caroc isn't available as a companion. Interesting that animancy is such a major part of the Pillars world and yet there isn't a character class option that really leans into animancy per se (e.g. some sort of construct controlling class). TBH, I'm not really interested in playing a "genocidal" character. That sounds like hard work - especially on PoTD. More interested in just trying to follow a darker path, trying to skew the story in a darker direction, being cruel, aggressive and deceptive, rather than mass-murderous per se, ... but I would really like to see what happens if you do kill everyone on Port Maja island. Curious to see how you get off the island if there is no one left to help you repair your boat. I've played PoE 1 through once but again I played the hero in that; was there more scope for "darkness" in that? From the histories you can select when you start Deadfire it looks like you could really "mess things up".
  16. Hi folks. Still got a way to go to complete my current playthrough but starting to think about my next (3rd) playthrough of Deadfire. I want to make it as different as I can to my first two playthroughs where other than ultimately supporting a different faction I've basically still been the "good guy" all the way through. I could do with some suggestions for a darkside playthrough. In particular: a) Companions with a potential "dark side"- to be honest they all seem mostly on the side of "good". Serafen is a pirate but seems quite soft-hearted. Pallegina and Maia are both a bit blinkered when it comes to seeing the rights and wrongs of their factions but otherwise seem to be good aligned. Xoti can go down the path of the darkside if you encourage her to hold on to the souls in her lantern and is probably the companion with the darkest dark side that I've seen. Do any of the other companions have a dark side that can be encouraged? b) dark-side main character ideas: The obvious archetypes which occur to me with supporting classes and skills are the cannibal (barbarian corpse-eater), the compulsive liar and conman (beguiler and/or trickster focusing on bluffing for his support skill), the cruel violent fanatic (Bleak Walker Paladin), keeper of the god's secrets (priest of Woedica and member of the Leaden Key?, or maybe priest of Wael) and if it was an option, an agent of entropy and the end of all things (priest of Rymrgand) By the way, how destructive can you be without completely breaking the entire game. Presumably there are somethings you can't do, like kill everyone in Port Maje island if you want to get your ship repaired and get off the island. Darkside Vas
  17. @thelee @BoeroerThanks, this is really useful. I will wait until level 16. I'm finding POTD upscaled to be tough enough as it is without going out of my way to make it any more difficult (more on this in a moment). I do remember from my previous playthrough (which was on an easier difficulty) finding the dragon in BoW to be very difficult until I discovered the ranger's concussive tranquilizer ability (I plan to take a SC Ranger with me to BoW to help with the dragon). Going off on a tangent about difficulty: I watched a video by Mortismal Gaming yesterday (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSYYBT4k7nk) in which he talks about "five of the easiest CRPGs". He seems to single out Deadfire as being super easy and talks about how you can just set up the AI for your characters and leave it to handle everything. Conversely, I'm finding PoTD upscaled to be plenty difficult, with lots of enemies with very high armour. I mean, I'm not finding it so difficult that I'm not able to win fights and make progress, but there are fights that go to the wire, that I have to micro-manage to win and where I plough through all the ability resources for my characters and only win in the final sprint. There are things that do make Deadfire "easier" than other CRPGs, like health, spells and abilities being restored at the end of fights and rest bonuses lasting until you next rest, but I consider these to be good QoL design decisions as I find having to rest and rebuff my party every 10 minutes or so in Pathfinder to be tedious rather than challenging. But other than these QoL design decisions, I find Deadfire to be plenty challenging enough. And there is no way I would leave these fights in the hands of the AI and just watch. I'm finding it very important to decide which targets to focus on, which abilities to use to reduce and penetrate armour, where and when to cast spells, etc. Which is good, I like a challenge, but then when I see Mortismal describe Deadfire as super easy it makes me feel a bit low like I must be doing it all wrong. I do wonder if he is playing on PoTD upscaled or not as I know on PoTD w/o scaling you can easily out-level the content, but I'm finding that the scaled up enemies can be really tough (seems to scale up their level, their penetration and their armour). So my question is, is Deadfire (on high difficulty) as easy for most players as Mortismal suggests? Is it just me finding it a decent challenge? (I haven't even started using Magran's Fire challenges yet).
  18. Hi folks. Any suggestions for the best levels to start the DLC content? I've done the DLC content before but it was on veteran w/o scaling. I'm now playing PoTD upscaled and my party is around level 13/14. Is that too early to start on the DLC content? I'm a bit nervous about leaving it too late to start on the DLCs as I recall some of the DLC fights were pretty tough already w/o the enemies' levels and armour being upscaled.
  19. I haven't played a Paladin/Shifter but a couple of thoughts spring to mind (assuming you are seeing this character as being a tank). Firstly, as I recall, neither Paladins nor Druids are amazing at holding engagement with enemies. Paladins don't have any talents (passive or active abilities) to give them even a +1 engagement. I think Druids get +1 engagement when shifted but not in their non-shifted form. This means that when not shifted you will not have any ability to "engage" the enemy (sort of like Deadfire's version of holding threat) so enemies can easily slip around you to get at your squishier characters. And even when shifted you will only be able to engage (hold in place) one enemy. The easiest ways to increase engagement is through weapons and shields (having a shield gives +1 engagement, some magic weapons give +1 engagement, and the spear weapon modal gives +1 engagement) but as a shifted druid those don't help you. You can use a weapon and shield in non-shifted form, but that could mean having to spend 2 passives on weapon styles (weapon + shield style for non-shifted and two weapon style for shifted), and you presumably won't want to stay in non-shifted form much anyway. There are other ways to increase engagement but they are not available until later in the game (e.g. through chants). Another consideration is that I think - I might be wrong - the attacks for all shifted forms is dual-wielded slash damage. Personally I like to make sure that all my characters have at least 2 damage types strongly covered (and ideally 3), ideally being able to just weapon switch in combat to deal with situations where there are enemies with different resistances in the same pack (more of a consideration for upscaled POTD which feels like a penetration/armour arms race). Personally I love the fantasy of shifters and in my first playthrough (on veteran rather than POTD) I did use a fighter-shifter (a hired adventurer rather than my main character) to replace Eder as my main tank after I was about half-way through. Worked pretty well. I'm a big fan of having 1 fighter (SC or MC) in my party as my main "tank" as fighters can hold 3 or 4 engagement through their active/passive talents whilst using weapons that don't increase engagement and not having to use a shield. I often then use a second melee character that can hold at least 1 engagement as a damage-dealer/off-tank. A couple of final thoughts. If you make the Paladin a kind wayfarer, the character can double as a good healer through its druid spells and the Kind Wayfarer Paladin's modified version of Flames of Devotion (which heal in an AoE around you when you hit with this ability). Or as a Bleakwalker for focused damage dealing. Those are my favourite 2 paladin types. TL;DR: I think a Paladin/Shifter would make a good damage-dealer/off-tank, but not a great main tank (because of the low number of engagements that Paladins and Druids can hold through their passive/active abilities).
  20. @theleeFair points. There is more synergy between priest and monk than I had realised. (I'll probably stick with Xoti being a priest though) @dgray62Yeah, I ended up making Tekahu a regular member of my party now. His damage isn't as high as my party's top damage dealer but it's pretty respectable and he is contributing heals over time to the group at the same time as doing decent damage (as well as some utility). On reflection I think he is probably one of the best - maybe the best - of the main companions (whilst I would love to change his stat distribution, his unique druid subclass is great).
  21. Thanks @Boeroer, this is really helpful information. I'm now very tempted to try a Psion/Chanter!
  22. @BoeroerI'm currently experimenting with different hired adventurers in my party on POTD upscaled. I've found a Psion to be great for certain long difficult fights (most notably against packs of ironclad constructs and steelclad prototypes where the Psion could just spam soul shock all fight long). As it happens I was also thinking about what might MC well with a Psion. How do you feel a Psion/Troubadour compares to a SC Psion? Obviously the Psion/Troubadour is more versatile but it has slower focus generation, slower access to higher tier abilities and a lower PL. I do love chanters and my current main character is already a Paladin/Troubadour, and yet 2 chanters would be nice. Is there anything else you would combine with a Psion (I would imagine druid or wizard would be the next best synergies after chanter)?
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