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  1. With optional hawaii shirt and straw hat, pretty please? And with pink, girly (however it is spelled in English) drinks of course. Marburg would want more than just bromance. Madison makes a comment about the statues and how Marburg never had ladies over to his villa.
  2. General secret agent/spy/espionage movies: Spy Game - worth a watch. Sneakers - decent, although more tech and heist mixed in with government agencies. The humor is cheesy. The Man Who Knew Too Little - comedy but c'mon, it's Bill Murray Spartan - good but Val Kilmer's been coasting through roles for years. The Day of the Jackal - classic film The Conversation - another classic, Gene Hackman is great The Spy Who Came in from the Cold - great film The "if you're really bored" pile: The Recruit, Body of Lies
  3. I like that the woman didn't even get past Saudi Arabia yet drops all sorts of negative criticism.
  4. I killed him in the final mission. Did you stop the museum bombs and then contact Parker* during the final mission? Not sure if that's an exact requirement but that's what I did and got sweet, sweet revenge on him. EDit: *full dossier with the secret fact...I think I had that.
  5. Don't know if it counts or if it's just a stock sound, but when you use the health stations it sounds exactly like using painkillers in Max Payne 1 and 2.
  6. Is that the PS3 version? Don't get me started on the Yakuza localizations.
  7. Indeed. I heard the gunfire and thought "Ohhh shiii...." and saw Heck in a firefight. Hilarious.
  8. Ugh, sometimes I can't stand video game fans. If I defend a game, I'm instantly a fanboy. Anyways, if any review deems this a shooter then stop reading right there and completely disregard their awful, ignorant opinion. It's a shame journalism standards are so pathetically low in the game industry but them's the breaks when you have angry nerds (Jim Sterling aka Destructoid's troll reviewer) getting picked up by Metacritic. Obsidian doesn't have clout with major gaming review sites/mags. That's not a conspiracy, that's fact. Ubisoft doesn't have a fraction of the talent that Obsidian does yet most of their games receive moderately high to high scores. Tech demos that masquerade as games, writing that's creatively at a 6th grade level, sequels that supposedly improve on those tech demos but clearly don't, games that ship with game breaking bugs that never get patched, games with missing content (we couldn't finish it in time. honest!) that magically gets a 150KB paid DLC unlock a month later. I love Rockstar but it took them how many games to finally get the shooting mechanics to an acceptable level? The cover system in Red Dead Redemption doesn't work any better than AP's. I've probably encountered more glitches in RDR than AP. Obsidian is one of those devs that (probably) doesn't have the money to fly reviewers out, put them in posh hotels for 3 days just for a small, half a page preview article. Obsidian (probably) doesn't have the advertising dollars to invest with these people to ensure not glowing but positive reviews. This is what happens when you have Sega as a publisher. That company has been so out of touch with gamers for so long that it's hilarious.
  9. Oh totally. Just the one part with save Madison or stop the bombs and the variable plot branches (see spoiler, don't click if you saved Madison, better to discover it for yourself) is one part I'm dying to play again and see how it goes.
  10. As Tigranes said, you can not meet or work with some characters depending on choices. I'm already keen for a 2nd playthrough considering one character turned his/her back on me because I sided with someone else. Good writing all around. To me and some others, Thornton is a smug douche but I love it. He's never afraid to throw some sarcastic barbs at any character.
  11. You're pretty hyped about a game that will probably never be developed? I don't want to be too harsh, but considering the reception to the game has been lukewarm, and the criticism, Alpha Protocol would need some big sales to get a sequel. Then again, I'm not in the mind of the higher-ups. You're probably right but if Two Worlds can get a sequel, anything's possible. Loving the game myself but it's no masterpiece.
  12. I had that except for Mina. My last view of her was on a monitor. She was facedown, eyes staring into the abyss with blood all over the floor. Poor Mina.
  13. Guides aren't worth the money. Just wait long enough for an online faq and try to explore the game on your own.
  14. Pretty much but if someone actually trusts a video game reviewer... Best one was Game Informer saying the replay value was moderately low. That's just dumb and poor "journalism."
  15. You can't compare this to a Bioware or Rockstar game. Those companies, I'm assuming, have much, much larger budgets for their games than Obsidian. Does RDR look great? It sure does. Is it filled to the brim with glitches, screen tearing, slowdown, etc. You bet, it IS a Rockstar game. Alpha Protocol is not an awful game. It's not a great game either but it is a fun, good game which is all that matters to me.
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