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  1. This is guide is almost impossible to get. Chapters, Best buy's Zellers, NONE of them are getting this silly silly guide! Anyone have it? Wanna give your impressions?
  2. So it's impossible to find this damn guide and it turns out it's only 160 pages! WHAT! I am disgusted. All the EB's in my area aren't getting any. Any suggestions as to where to find it?
  3. Hey morgoth, were you playing stealthy? What's your build? Is it truly possible to go through the entire game without killing anyone as was billed by Obsidian?
  4. Don't know if this is here 1up has reviewed the game B+ http://www.1up.com/do/reviewPage?cId=3179545&p=4
  5. Damn, Gamespot gave it a 6. My unflinching faith is being tested and crumbled, A 6! This isn't duck hunt!
  6. Hello to all the lucky SOB's that have AP already my question is, have any of you purchased the strategy guide? Give me your impressions! How effective the guide is will severely sway my preorder as well the Thorton, INC achievement sounds difficult to obtain without that. Thanks all
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