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  1. Albatross is one of the best written characters I have come across in a video game for a while. There was also a conversation between Michael and Leiland (during Moscow) that was incredibly well written.
  2. Yeah I love it. Sure it has its flaws but I find that I smile at the game more than I get annoyed.
  3. Yeah it took me a while too. You have to look for the ones that aren't moving and then line them up with the ones on top. Does that make sense?
  4. So I just did This game has me. Already excited about another playthrough this early in.
  5. Yeah I only just got evasion. Really should have gone for that one earlier but I needed something to help with my hacking. I've been having a little more luck with hacking now but there will still be times where I will blankly stare at the screen with no idea where the codes are. The cruelest part is the reset. If it didn't have the reset I'd have a lot less difficulty. I have to start using my special abilities more. I use awareness a hell of a lot but that is about all.
  6. I was kind of annoyed that I had to go out last night because my time playing the game is about to become very limited due to assignments. I did get to go through a mission last night though and this was: While I am slightly disappointed with the lack of an open world area I like the way everything is structured, especially with the character missions. I launched into the mission last night and just seeing all the various characters I'd met involved in that mission was a lot of fun. Can't wait to finally run through that one. Again, enjoying the game. It has been difficult in some areas to take a stealth approach but I am getting the hang of things a lot more now.
  7. You can skip it and go straight into your first mission but I don't recommend because *very minor spoilers* I found that I wanted to better my score so I played through them a couple of times to make sure I had everything down.
  8. I've encountered a little pop up now that I am getting further in the game. It hasn't been too distracting though. Hell, I played through Mass Effect 1 and it is nowhere near as bad as that was. Not a dealbreaker.
  9. Is he doing every mission? Personally I don't mind if it is fairly short because I do want to go through it a couple of times but the first country alone probably took me a couple of hours to completely finish.
  10. I guess, I haven't really expermented with this. I've mainly focused my skill points on pistols but have kept the assult rifle handy. I would recommend carrying two though because the pistol hasn't really helped me out when everything goes balls up (eg. I fail at hacking a computer and the alarm goes off).
  11. Just wondering, but is the gameplay smooth or is it kind of rough around the edges? I've been following the game for a while and the concept seems interesting, but in some gameplay videos, the combat seems kind of unnatural. It feels smooth to me. There have been some minor issues where guards have and haven't been able to shoot me behind cover. I like the way the hand to hand stuff works and it has gotten me out of a lot of bad situations. It depends on where you put your skill points. I went for a hand to hand pistols guy but have had to go to the assult rifle a few times when things get hectic. Overall I'd put the combat somewhere between Mass Effect 1 and 2. It's a lot more polised than ME1 but isn't quite up to the smoothness of ME2. But then, there are skill that have an effect on your shooting here.
  12. Yeah no problem. Like I said, I don't really have any intention of spoiling the game for anyone. Just wanted to note that I couldn't take the smile off my face as I went through an entire mission without alerting any guards to my presence. Can't wait to meet more of the characters that we've seen in the trailers.
  13. Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know that I got the game (360) and I'm really enjoying it. I really think that if you have been looking forward to it (as I have) then you won't be dissapointed. I've enjoyed the way the missions are strcutured in a way that I can approach from a number of angles. I've also enjoyed the dialogue system, but then, we always knew that would be a strong point. Perhaps my biggest concern going in was how the frame rate would hold up and I am happy to say that I have had no major issues so far. The game runs smoothly making the sneaky hand to hand playstyle I've chosen to be compelling. My only issue has been the hacking. Lock picking and Alam cutting I am fine with but hacking...damn. Lets just say that I had to put a few skill points to the appropriate skill last night just to make this process a little easier or to give me the ability to use emp's on them. Any questions let me know. I'm only in the first area after you leave the Gray Box and I don't really want to spoil them game for anyone. I love the way the games story is structured though.
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