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  1. Russians are coming! Mass landing during current exercises. http://youtu.be/MpkOZE3MJkQ http://youtu.be/35Mj4Lsv7Nk
  2. Syrians celebrate epic victory in Aleppo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t48vvwk5Nzo http://youtu.be/U0rDSvldGd4
  3. Butthurt in China. WTF they are talking about?
  4. New leader of ISIS is Lieutenant colonel from ex-USSR country. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gulmurod_Khalimov Brave New World where "Russians" from different fractions fight each other for dominance in the world meanwhile helpless Westling just whining about how everything become terrible. "Win" in the "Cold War" is worst Western mistake.
  5. All your Internets are belong to us.
  6. Two examples of ancient Russian surnames. 1. German. Popular medieval Russian christian name referred to saint Germanus of Auxerre. In ancient Russia only nobles have surnames originated in names (name, son of 'name of ancestor'). Modern Russians with such surnames are descendants of medieval Russian Nobility. http://youtu.be/pFvEIDKD2AM 2. Temnikov. Originate in ancient Russian title - Temnik - war leader of Tma (very big army (other meaning is Darkness)). This is surname of ancient Russian nobles also. http://youtu.be/_GNxwsFIDtg
  7. Turkey stronk. In current time their offensive is quite successful. Meanwhile in Aleppo. After month of heavy firefights "SSA" cut last road to East part of city again. Butthurt of Western jihadists-lovers is expected soon. Significant part of work here has been made by Hezbollah. some mysterious Slavic mercs with SSA insignias has been spotted here also.
  8. Russian Empire exterminate them almost all in XIX century
  9. You make it sound like it's a bad thing http://youtu.be/n06D3MrwQgI http://youtu.be/-WuLclYuB7o
  10. Gun safety in Ukrainine. Patriotic summer camp for childs from East Ukraine. Drunk soldier - veteran of "anti-terror" operation against separatists train kids. http://youtu.be/6LV10yqYBAs So much pain to watch such safety skills.
  11. fix you. http://youtu.be/P9sQZLtsfp8 I can remember funny talk on some gay forum where Latino gays tell their secret desires about godlike Russian ubermenches.... because of this epic butthurt happened when Russian ban gay propaganda to childrens and ban adoption of Russian kids into Western sex slavery
  12. Bump by evil Russian cultural background . http://youtu.be/5WTy0K0FWcg East Europeans secretely fapped to Russian culture also. http://youtu.be/CcS7rs5FK7w
  13. Murikan military elites steal money from budget... again 1. Mega project of fantasy Navy railgun ended by... nothing. http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/2016/06/04/Navy-Abandoning-Railgun 2.Another fantasy XM25 program reach nothing also. http://www.defense-aerospace.com/articles-view/release/3/176534/pentagon-mismanaged-xm25-program%2C-should-consider-cancellation.html
  14. Russian racial genetic superiority. Because in Medieval times Russian states are major slavetraders in East Europe we can compare prices to slaves and summarize what nation/ethnic group/race have superior quality. We can compare in prices of Venice - major European slave market in Europe In 1554 year Russian capture big amount of Swedish slaves in war and sold out them later. Price of this Nordic master race slaves is 0,2 lir. Average price to European slave 50 - 90 lir Average price of African slave in XV century (New World) ~ 100 lir Average price to East European slave 139 lir highest price for Caucasian European elite slavegirls (Circassians) - from 839 to 1459 lir minimal price to Russian slavegirls - 1122 lir maximal price to Russian slavegirl... and maximal price of slave in history - 2093 lir for comparision : knight warhorse 20 - 50 lir fullpalte armor 10 lir castle ~ 500 lir Palace in metropolis ~ 3000 lir Yep, only kings and magnates can buy Russia slaves - Russian slaves so elite, that they only considered as palace guards/servants or personal assistents for power figures. Nobody can resist to superior Russian creatures, if some Russian elf decide seduce someone - mortals foreigners have no chances for win in this competition. http://youtu.be/8XGIRLwcw4o Sauce http://scisne.net/a-1494
  15. German analysis - why Kurdish partnership with US is road to epic fail. https://linkezeitung.de/2016/08/26/rojava-taktisches-buendnis-mit-us-imperialismus-fuehrt-zur-niederlage/ Short translation - Kurds chose wrong side and have butthurt from this now. Their fate can be much better if they deal with some Evil force from the North - The Force what always obey to contracts. Because Germans are true Europeans and representatives of the West (in difference with some African guy on this forum) this analysis is quite important for understanding true Western values and true Western culture.
  16. Ukrainians have traditional problems with safety. Self-explosion of ammo on Ukrainian artillery positions. http://youtu.be/khlO0VTCQPQ
  17. USSR in 1986-1991 - cause epic fail. Same story about any country from Third world - trust the West is some sort of painful suicide. Capitalism in Russia - check Western business in Russia (my Murikan company for example) - check Western values (democracy, liberalism etc) in Russia - check ... still no growth. Bruce - you must try harder. Your problem - you don't understand economic difference between who rob (West) and who must be robbed (anyone else).
  18. Turkey Stronk! Turkish army continue their offense to Manjib - US cut all support to Kurdish allies and calmly watch how they die. http://youtu.be/fkgEZ85BZBo What the point of this story? The point is simple - never trust to Murikans.
  19. Bump by Russian Libido. http://youtu.be/lWmhSbnayxc http://youtu.be/5Q-qzjM3PWc
  20. I'm just ordinary Russian. http://youtu.be/iWCp7OmOqsI
  21. pathetic parody vs unrepeatable original
  22. Lol, poor Westlings. This Armenian b-"movie" cause only laughs and facepalms in Russia, we really don't known who are TA for this s***, but if you want to watch this, well... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarik_Andreasyan Let's return to Russian culture instead. https://vimeo.com/179837871 https://vimeo.com/179837296
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