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  1. Bombed "humanitarian" convoy in Syria. So much peaceful jihadists they are. US threatens Russia by terror attacks of Russian cities and promese more killings of Russians. https://www.rt.com/usa/360992-us-warns-russia-violence/ Yet another foreigner from ISIS has been arrested in Russia. Welcome to Russia lol!. http://youtu.be/gfc5IKsoy4o
  2. Bump by foreigners. http://youtu.be/2XRf0Uxq98Q
  3. Russian race of course. Difference between them and Scandinavians are obvious thing. http://youtu.be/VBRyNQwJhIs
  4. Do you seriously asking how accurate data in trollolo video? This video is obviously fake - Russian guy much lighter than Afro-american guy (in other words black guy looks like person who can can solve problem without external help) and a bad actor also - his "agressive" behavior looks so fake for Russians - and they mostly don't react to this. Meanwhile in vice versa situation black guys play their roles much better and attacks much more violently - and Russians react to this. But racism in Russia really existed - Russians hate pureblood Caucasian race so much. http://youtu.be/CXCuWhmB-Ow
  5. Meanwhile in Murica http://youtu.be/SL8f5iWrzN0
  6. Just no comments http://youtu.be/yCc2rh74mHM
  7. Wrong term - it's not racism, it's hate against foreigners. Russians are very territorial people and people from one province can be easily beaten in another just because they are alien here. They can be recognized by accent, different fashion style, but in many cases Russians looks same and you can avoid such things if you don't cry loudly about place of your origin. But foreighn people, especially people who have black skin (just because Africans almost never live in Russia ) and don't speak Russian (or speak with terrible accent) - such people cause strong suspicion from side of local Russian population - they are obviously alien here. If they do something wrong - they can take violent responce from side of Russians in that case. But this is not hate against race - white Murikan can be easily beaten here also. http://youtu.be/iB5x2MPh9hE http://youtu.be/DC10fyQgNqo In summary - yes - in Russia citizen of Russia have more rights than non-citizens but i don't see nothing wrong in such situation.
  8. Typical Russian trololo about inequality of barbarians foreigners to citizens of Third Rome Russia. http://youtu.be/sqQZEPUisaM
  9. https://truthinmediablog.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/clinton-bush-obama-hillary.png
  10. Moar of migrants surnames in Russia. Micheeva - descendants of XVI century Polish migrants. Can be descendants of peasants, craftsmen, priesthood or noblity (in other words this surname is very widespread). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael http://youtu.be/mOQZqnysIAY Shinkevich - descendants of Polish innkeepers (from Polish word Szynk). In this video you can see how such descendant of medieval Polish migrants torture train fat girls in Russia. http://youtu.be/cX8T27HOW1E
  11. Meanwhile in Ukraine. Ukrainian ex-soldier ( veteran of war against East Ukrainian separatists ) kill two Ukrainian policemen. If your government use army for kill/destroy/rape own civilians it's hard to explain to them why they can't do same thing in other cities of homeland. http://youtu.be/Bcqx_weuC8I Killed policemen Strange conclusion. Punishers (and just warriors) better to die in war instead of stay alive. It's explain well why Russians prefer to utilize such people for Motherland in suicidal attacks - higher Russian casulates cause better and safer life for society in result. We can predict a big problems for US society also in near future caused by flawless Murikan victories in Oil wars.
  12. Lol, butthurt http://youtu.be/RMCiSCl6xc8
  13. http://youtu.be/_r9l_BRyQ8A http://youtu.be/er_n9XSD1Bg
  14. Russia is country where all your dreams about Half-Life 3 become real. http://youtu.be/WtlfRZFi3sc
  15. Too much doping´╗┐ http://youtu.be/uRdleKwYeAY
  16. http://www.novinite.com/articles/176359/Russia+Mulls+Setting+Up+'KGB-Like'+Ministry+-+Reports http://politicalhotwire.com/current-events/106204-bringing-back-kgb.html https://themoscowtimes.com/news/in-major-police-reforms-the-kremlin-is-reportedly-bringing-back-the-kgb-55384 http://youtu.be/zbO2jLmelmk
  17. Most funny thing - Russians are descendants of Vikings, meanwhile Scandinavians are descendants of Scandinavian thralls and peasants. http://youtu.be/03ulw2vZ8o8
  18. Bears deliver moar stuff about WADA. http://fancybear.net/page-2.html
  19. Just wow - they eat so heavy chemistry.
  20. Circus must go on. Innocent American athletes make funny statements. Of short - Authorities permits this doping to us -> this doping is not doping because of this. https://twitter.com/Simone_Biles/status/775783400808583169/photo/1 http://www.wtatennis.com/news/article/5890326/title/venus-issues-statement-on-wada-hack https://www.instagram.com/p/BKTvQdbBsw1/ http://youtu.be/aBkSIFMTMoE
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