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  1. I would love to see this!!! I'm personally more partial to a Kusarijitte, but that's just because it's a bit more realistic to use IRL than the version with a kama. In game however, bring it on!
  2. Does the error message say "unsupported" or "obstructed"? If the pieces are "unsupported" there is a way to trick the game into letting you build there: place column blueprints from the ground (or floor) to the spot you want to build your new floor. Having the column blueprint won't instantly let you build, but it will let you place the floor blueprint. keep placing floor blueprints around it until you get to a wall or other structure. Build the piece that touches the wall (since that should be enough to make it 'supported'), then build all other floor pieces outward from the first. Now just destroy the column blueprints and you should be good to go.
  3. This is a great idea and I am all about transporting big quantities of water, however all standing water currently in the game has the prefix 'nasty'. If we had a way to filter water, or perhaps there was a game mechanic that produced more than a drop of fresh water at a time (rainstorms, turning on the sprinkler, tapping a garden hose, etc), then this idea would be a must have. If this came to pass, I'd like to be able to add lilypad wax to blueprints (mainly floors and walls, possibly foundations and ceilings) to make them waterproof. Then we could create our own pools of fresh water.
  4. I think the only time you would need to migrate is when switching from Xbox to Steam or vice versa. Switching from game pass to full purchase should be automatic, at least it was for me when I cancelled my game pass and purchased a few of the games I downloaded while it was active, though not Grounded specifically, so I could be wrong.
  5. I'd say a simple solution is to make it based on total damage done with said weapon. 1k = tier 1, 2.5k = tier 2, 5k = tier 3. This would also allow harvesting to count toward damage mastery.
  6. Hmm... I'll have to check that out. I'm on PC, but I have a controller, so hopefully that'll work. Thanks for the heads up
  7. Also while we're at it: we need to be able to flip the curved mushroom door, because I want to be able to make a curved mushroom double door! It would also be nice to flip the acorn staircase so it ascends counter-clockwise
  8. Complete with an actual Menzoberranzan (originally made for a D&D game the teens were playing before they were shrunken), please!
  9. That happened to me, and I had to sign out of the xbox app, then it let me sign in on steam. Hope this helps
  10. You can stand on a grass plank that is floating on water. This allows you to create somewhat of a bridge, as drop one into the water, walk across it, drop a second, step onto the second and pick up the first, rinse, repeat. It's not an amazing solution, but it's a lot faster than pushing them around in the water
  11. Yeah, it's definitely not a game-breaker, but it just seems kind of counter productive to create a spoiling mechanic as somewhat of a consequence for not using the meat while it was good, then create a couple of situational uses for spoiled meat, then completely nullify all of that work by basically allowing you to keep raw meat indefinitely, as long as you periodically mix fresh in with the old stuff. I feel that since this is a survival game, spoiling meat should feel somewhat inevitable, at least until you build a jerky rack.
  12. I haven't played the don't starve series, but I think I'd have mixed feelings about averaging timers, tbh. Do all pieces in the stack adopt the new average when a new piece is added? Like if I have a piece that is seconds from spoiling and I add a fresh piece, will both pieces now have about half the timer?
  13. I'd be okay with a little platform that could hold a storage chest, or a pallet (stems or grass planks)... I also think we should be able to upgrade to the cool mechanical-looking zipline anchors in the hedge lab, but they should be motorized, allowing travel either way.
  14. I really like nearly all of your suggestions, and I would actually even like raw meat to be stackable, but I can tell you why it isn't: The timer. When a bug is killed that drops raw meat, a timer begins. Because it's nearly impossible to have multiple pieces with the same exact timer, most games that have a spoiling mechanic just make the meat non-stackable.
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