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  1. Just some items that crossed my mind while building my base. *Glass like material from insect wings iridescent insect glass door and windows gothic rose insect window skylight roof *Paper like Material = From a paper birch tree bark maybe where you can carve this material. It spawns like the sap clump. sprig shoji screen doors paper boat for carrying grass and sticks across the pond without relying on the zipline *architectural beams = stick beams, clay beams, clay arches, pebble arches, mushroom arches *autumn leaf = oak tree seems to be carrying them, dunno why this is not a thing yet. autumn leaf walls, floors, doors, and roof *Floor Doors *More Lighting Options bigger chandeliers, up lighting, strip lighting. *Pantry/fridge = made from mint maybe, preserves bug meat longer, frozen smoothies upgades duration. *bar tables with storage, and bar chairs *venus flytrap trap = attracts gnats for passive gnat meat farm *water features= fountain, aquarium(grows moss outside pond, shrimp pet.) *musical furniture= web harp, acorn cello *decorative ground cover
  2. just a suggestion for additional curve floor option. Maybe you can flip it so it'll have a concaved floor instead? This'll allow us to fill the floor at the opposite corner of curved walls or allow the option for curved holes on the ceiling or floor.
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