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  1. and to re-clarify that pic is everything my pc was doing. not just the game. so when i play grounded its asking for 3GB of ram. and at the time of crash windows and other apps are asking for 2.9GB. and its not asking for much cause i'm used to playing with lower settings cause i know i don't have a top end PC. and i know its cause of my graphics card. this whole post was more about laying bare everything taking place on my pc to help rule things out. like the ram.
  2. so 16GB of ram is needed to play Grounded, and that's causing my crashing? https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4028142/windows-10-system-requirements its 2GB to run win 10.
  3. failing to see how 16GB helps. as you can see in my pic. the game never asked for anything over 6GB of ram.
  4. win 10 pro. (fully updated) processor: intel i5 750 ram: 8gb Gpu: radeon rx 480 (fully updated) and nothing overclocked.
  5. here's everything my PC was doing at the time on the crash. one thing i have learned is every time it crashes im going into or out of the players menu. (SCAB) most crashes come from changing the SCAB theme and opening and closing SCAB too quick. as for ingame settings its set to full screen 1920/1080. quality medium. shadows off. blur off. vsync off. frame rate cap 120.
  6. i'm using an rx 480 and im getting the same thing. (my drivers are up to date.)
  7. i found this after i built a stairway onto the porch. just jumped down and got it.
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