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  1. Yeah it’s tough because I don’t mind that there is limited resources I just don’t like that it’s super easy to accidentally lose something because of a glitch that was unavoidable. Especially a strong weapon that’s rather important to have.
  2. Yeah centipedes would be like a cool boss to battle
  3. Yeah that’s what I was thinking because not only do I not remember what I was doing last time I was playing I get side tracked a lot.
  4. 2 things I keep thinking about while playing the game that should be fairly simple. I would like to have half walls that are waist height instead of having to build windows that are hard to look out of. These would basically be for the top of castles or buildings so it’s easier to look down. And the second thing is a white board / chalk board to hang on walls. This is so when I play and leave the game and if I come back to it later I’m not completely lost as to what I was previously doing. So say I put on the board “need to make more berry leather for more armor” as basically a sticky note reminding me what I was doing. Small Extra Side thing I would Also like a “No Ants Allowed” sign just for fun.
  5. Yeah I thought about making a base inside there but wasn’t sure if they would keep spawning in and destroying stuff so I built a stair case all the way up the juice box by the water with a base On top and a diving board with 2 bounce pads to get back up. But now I wonder if previous bases could potentially be destroyed with the new update coming. Like if you put a base where they are going to add something new what will happen?
  6. Yeah that actually worked thanks for that tip but now lol But now my friend lagged out of the game and his inventory disappeared and now it’s definitely gone for good
  7. I have built a base under the berry trees by the water and I had an ant stuck in some clay at the bottom of the base and I had to tare up the floor to find and kill him because I kept getting paranoid of the ant sounds coming from the ground lol.
  8. Sometimes if I load into my friends game I loose all of my inventory and that bothers me.
  9. Yeah I also had a problem where one of my mint axes disappeared when I tried to replace it on the wall with an ant axe. I looked in my inventory and it’s gone for good so my 4th person won’t get to have one, kinda upset about that. I agree that it would be weird if they respawn. But what if there is a mint plant and something else like chalk or something where you can make mint. I think that would be a better idea. I get what they are trying to do with limited resources but it is super easy to accidentally lose something in this game weather it being a glitch or lost bags you can’t get back to because of bugs and you don’t have good armor or weapons.
  10. I just run around the bugs in A circle because once they lock into you for a hit your already out of the way. Ps I have also accidentally deleted walls when I delete blueprints glitch.
  11. Yeah I’m ok if I lose resources I can easily regain but I lost a mint axe some how by placing one on a weapon rack and then replaced it with an ant axe and it disappeared and now I don’t have any more mints if I wanted a 4th person to play with they wouldn’t be able to have one.
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