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  1. Yep, same here. I was host on an Xbox One X and my friend was client on an OG Xbox One. After I experienced insane lag and frame stops, he DC'd and I hard crashed to the Dashboard. When we logged back on, EVERYTHING he had was gone. No inventory. No mutations. Hell, it even restarted tutorial missions. And some of his mutations were bought from Burg.L. and they're not available for him to buy again, so he's SOL.
  2. Let me add my name to this list. Turned in BURG.L. chip, got expanded items message, no new items added.
  3. Honestly, it sounds like early access games are not for you. That always sounds condescending when I type it, but I'm genuinely not trying to be. My friend and I have built a massive fortress, and everyday in the back of my head, I know it could all just vanish in snap. But that's the risk we take playing an unfinished game. No early access game can guarantee your save file will remain intact for the entire term of development. If it's causing you that much anxiety, for real, just wait for it be finished and released as a complete game next year. That's just my advice,
  4. Ah, my friend and I had those on the first day. We've built a massive, walled off, four story fortress over by the pond, complete with multi-level wall walks, towers, medieval style turrets, a huge covered patio leading down to a dock... There's even a full size basketball court made with grass and clay.
  5. I just did a quick test. I reproduced the bug a couple times with grass walls, but they largely seemed resistent to it. However, I was able to reproduce it 100% of the time when using Palisade walls. Edit: Seems much more likely to occur if the already built wall is not touching the ground.
  6. A running problem with the way the blueprint system works right now is that a new, unbuilt blueprint will "attach" itself to nearby built structures. It is *incredibly* frustrating when I set a blueprint down to see how it looks, decide I don't like it, and cancel it, causing every single already built object touching it to recycle, sometimes causing a chain reaction that leaves huge damage to my structures. Because of my base's location and the fact weeds don't respawn, stems are a bit of a pain to import to my location, but I am constantly having to rebuild chunks my
  7. Each piece of Ant Armor lets you carry an extra resource. A full set of Ant Armor lets you carry up to eight planks or stems. It's a huge time saver.
  8. You can build as far as you want as long as the first tile is connected to a wall or scaffolding. I've made massive bridges dozens if not hundreds of tiles long.
  9. I have also been wanting this feature added eventually, as sharing a world with other people is a hassle when it requires one specific person to always be available to access it. The sharable cloud save was one solution we came up, another was to have Microsoft share Majong's Realm tech with Obsidian so they can employ something similar. And if we're really just making pie in the sky wishes, offering basic tier Realm Access for Minecraft, Grounded, and any other sharable world as a part of a Game Pass Ultimate subscription would greatly enhance its value in many people'
  10. Also experiencing this issue. My friend falls through the world probably 85% of the times he joins my game.
  11. My experience with the game is that it doesn't matter if you remove the stalk or not. After a few days pass and then sleeping, everything will grow back except weeds.
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