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  1. I didn't fund Deadfire as I don't have the time to play games as much, so when I do, I'll make sure it's once The Expansions have been released and it has been patched. I don't want to deal with bugs anymore, or figure out mods also. But I'm only one person, my $30 wouldn't have made much difference.
  2. Of course, it was necessary on the Hardest difficulty and advisable on Hard. Before a battle looking at what Oils, bombs, Signs and type of attacks to use made a huge difference and gave Tactics to what is effectively a Hack and slash otherwise. Do you think many people playing PoE would have multiple sets of armour they'd switch between for each character, or weapons or equipment? I can't imagine so. So you'd use the same equipment, but upgrade to Fine or Exceptional along the way, and try to use the Abilities and spells at the time but not change anything much before a battle. You might
  3. In PoE, unless you've read a Walkthrough or you have already played the game, you don't know what kind of enemies you will encounter in the next area you explore. So your characters carry around a chest filled with 107 weapons, 23 suits of armor, 2310 potions/scrolls/traps that you could use at any time. Which I feel misses an opportunity. As such, I'd like PoE 2 to offer the ability to ask locals, read notices or hire a scout that can give you information on an area well before you visit so you can pick the appropriate weapons, carry the necessary potions and load in the optimal spells. I
  4. I assume you're a man, if you're a woman, do this to your boyfriend. Or find a man if you're lesbian. Hit yourself in the groin with a hammer, then hit yourself in the stomach with a hammer. Observe the difference. Or stream the experiment live, for posteriority. The descriptions were a big part of making the game awesome. Most likely, you get shot in the balls, they are coming off. As such so would the huge amount of nerve endings attached that make damage to them so painful. So no different to losing a finger in pain regard. As to using a hammer, WTH? Why would I do that, WHY?
  5. Because you might lose your manhood? I'll choose the stomach wound every time. Hey, if I HAD to choose, it would be the stomach too. However we are assuming we live afterwards right? Otherwise what does it matter wear you get shot, if it's followed by several others spread over the body? The only decision to factor in when shooting the other person should be how to get them to drop the quickest. Assuming you are in the middle of a gun fight, taking the extra time to aim for a groin seems a bit silly. Shoot them in the stomach, it hurts a lot, easier to hit, potential to hit major or
  6. Hey suggestions: Don't care for groin or eye shot, seems very unnecessary. Why would being shot in the groin be more painful then being shot in the stomach? If you are shot in the forehead, is it really not that bad compared to being shot in the eye? Motorcycle would be really fun, make it destructible though. Didn't the BoS in Tactics have multiple Vehicles? Also Fallout 2 showed plenty of scrap, I know most would have corroded beyond effective use but surely someone has a running vehicle other than the BoS and the Enclave. Also if this is 200 years after the bombs and people have se
  7. Thanks for the heads up, just order it. I was bitter that to buy it I had to buy HL2 and Episode 1 again, so I never bought it. Now it's at a extremely low price... I'm buying it. Guys, if you don't own HL2, you gotta buy it!
  8. 6/1/10? That seems suspect. Before I looked I knew that the 6th is the first Wednesday in the year, I'm assuming it's d/m/yy. If so then they've just set it to the earliest possible release date in 2010. If it's m/d/yy then no idea why they picked that date, a closer date to half a year would be 7/1/10. They don't know anymore than us, so it's just a guess date. Infinitely??? Wow, that's well vast... beyond any scope. That must have been the most annoying comment ever and to be.
  9. I'd guess in a post apocalyptic world, rules around 'the right of way' would change.
  10. Gizmo and CrashGirl, your assessments of Oblivion seemed pretty good to me. However I prefer the 'learn by doing method' rather than XP points. Oblivion could have improved upon how it was implemented, but that was more of balancing which mods have done. I guess that Fallout:NV will stick to XP, which is fine for more. But most RPG's do that and I kinda like changes.
  11. Well, it's definitely a huge improvement over Oblivion and I'm enjoying it well enough. The vampire quest was great fun, for example. However, it still has huge issues that go a long way to mar my compliments of the game. The combat, the rules system and the shoddy writing really take a lot from the game's quality. And as I'm playing it on the PC, the GUI is really awful and it's shocking that Bethesda pulled the same stuff with the GUI that they did with Oblivion. I read an interview with Todd Howard in which he was asked (a year after Oblivion was released, I believe) if he could have
  12. Does quantity of sales dictate quality? No Does the fact a product maybe ported to an additional system dictate quality? No Does the fact that additional content made and sold after initial release dictate quality? No Does quantity of sales for additional content dictate quality? No Does the reviews by critics dictate quality? No Does the opinions of the masses dictate quality? No Does the fact people are still using it years after release dictate quality? No Does the fact that huge amounts modifications used and shared by millions dictate quality? No What dictates quality? My op
  13. I still am refusing to buy/play it. It's such an awful Fallout. Here is a great review that *surprise surprise* actually recommends it. If you are looking for a Fallout game, and are a fan, this is just not it. But, I have a feeling New Vegas will be billed as an "expansion": so thus we would need to buy it. :/ That quote from Rob could have just been a typo though. I'll wait for an official announcement. I was always thought that review was condescending, it made some good points but then ruined it with childish remarks. I read that as soon as it was released and it's
  14. I've heard we will, one is a Ghoul and the other is a Super Mutant.
  15. Yeah it's silly, the oversights can be bugging indeed. I still find it funny that the basic necessaries for humans to live, isn't available to them, yet people are still thriving... kinda.
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