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  1. I haven't read all the forum so I thought i would put this in. It would be nice to be able to upgrade a built structure without recycling it. e.g. the base leaf wall could then be upgraded to structure leaf wall to then stem wall in ranks. allowing for an upgrade path for users with many building. This could also go for gear and weapons. You would still be able to make a Rank 2 wep straight away but upgrading already made Rank 1 Weps would be cool
  2. Night Spider - Australian Huntsman spider Water Terrain - Fishing/Water Spider Shed - Black house & Redback spiders Slugs and Snails Butterflies/Moths Hard Mode Insects - Scorpion, Sydney Funnel Web, Fire Ants, Fish in water, Mosquitoes, Centipedes I am not sure how the devs want to do this, however maybe in just hard mode or in all modes have some insects be able to climbs things. e.g. spiders should be able to climb branches on the Oak Tree with no issues. There would be other insects that would be able to climb other environmental objects as well.
  3. Could we please have either different list or a better display for saved games. Currently I host a WHOA multi along and I play single Mild. They are both in the same list and I want to play a WHOA single game but it looks like it will clash with my multi WHOA in the game list.
  4. nice post, I read title wanted to add, need HELL MODE. something with weather conditions, harsh penalties and up the bug AI a little so they go around water or jump onto rocks your standing on. as posted the potential for this game is huge and I assume there is a lot to come. Hoping for bees, wasps, water creatures, slugs and snails. Thanks original poster there is a lot of very good feedback there.
  5. Game crashed while what seems to be building/crafting when logging back in to and loading from saved game, trying to craft the same item would usually cause the blueprint to not appear when trying to put it in a location
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