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  1. I can't build inside the hill either. So.. I guess it's going to be bye, bye Grounded. I'm not restarting after just spending 30+ hrs building a very nice base that I wasn't even done with.
  2. You're right but whoever is not hosting will not have ANY of the items they grinded for..
  3. The unfortunate part about MP right now is if you're offline (depending on who is host) I can't continue adventuring/building in the world we created together and that's why MP is garbage as is!
  4. This 100%! I absolutely HATE the current system! It makes me want to quit and say goodbye!
  5. The floors blueprint is purchased with RS at the oak tree.
  6. The ability to transfer what you earn in SP to carry over into MP, vice versa.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but there is no reason to play MP if you're progress doesn't carry over to SP! Also, you can't play in that MP lobby unless the original host has the match loaded! This game is way too "hardcore" for this to be acceptable imo. Is this their intention!? If so, *In Mark Cuban's voice*, "I'm out!".
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