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  1. Looking forward to it. I miss all of you beautiful bastards. Give Fergalicious and the gang a hug for me, will ya?
  2. I would have to disagree there (if you mean that if they don't have LGBT representation, that they're bigoted). A game not including X minority (or majority for that matter - ie, a game without women) is not bigotism; it might just be a budgetary thing. It could be, but is not necessarily, hate; it could be budget, could be something else. There is active exclusion ("we don't want X in our game, because we hate them") and then there's .. I suppose you could call it passive exclusion ("It would take too much time/budget/effort, so we won't include X").
  3. So essentially, in the way that we've had no homosexual romance options at all... until the last few years, and even then, very sparsely. (Just making a point - I personally don't care if Eternity has romance or not). I imagine it will be handled like FNV - there won't be gay characters/romances unless Josh and Avellone envision their characters that way, and they will most certainly not be 'forced' on the player. Sometimes in FNV, you would discover a character was gay, just through normal conversation - just like real life. It was usually just a line or two, and did not affect the game other than to give you a little more insight into the character.
  4. For many people, it can be - in the sense that being gay is an identity, as much as any race/religion/what-have-you. Being gay determined many things about my world, including how I interacted with family, with strangers, the opposite (and same) sex, my political struggles, and so forth. Er, and as far as Eternity goes, I like having gay/bi/queer NPCs in the way FNV did, but I don't particularly care one way or another for romance. I'm still slowly playing through Mass Effect 3, and while I liked that my Shepard finally had a romance option developed as far out as the 'straight' options (which was not the case in ME2), it isn't doing much for me as a gamer.
  5. If I remember correctly, the way we handled it in FNV was pretty much "Hey Design team, here are these perks (Confirmed Bachelor/Cherchez la Femme). Please use them if you wish," followed by a couple of emails/reminders (ie, my requests to have non-playersexual characters). The only "mandated" gay characters were Arcade and Veronica, because Josh had envisioned them that way.
  6. Glad this got off the ground. I'll be lurking about the forums a bit more, now...
  7. I'll take lots of cleavage and hot girls. I don't particularly care if romance is involved - but if it is, only if I have gay options.
  8. Minds will be blown. I cannot freaking wait for the countdown to end... Except then, I have to wait to actually play it. "My body is ready," or so the kids seem to say these days
  9. I'm no longer with Obsidian, but I was the Producer on South Park for a time.
  10. From what I saw, it always felt like when SP was taking a specific stance on something, it was reasonably clear (separate from general lampooning of everything in sight). I was the producer on South Park RPG for some time. I don't recall directly interfacing with Matt & Trey, but the SP Studios guys I worked with were great.
  11. I... I'm not sure if this is meant to be a humor post? I actually did a bit of research on just that topic while I was on the project, because I was curious of the general South Park stance on the queer community. My understanding is that while it lampoons some aspects (just like the show lampoons everything else), SP is actually very supportive. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subject_matte...nd_gay_marriage
  12. I see funcroc is as reliable as ever!
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