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  1. i'm sooo glad they mentioned that wacky ass outfit he's wearing in this preview...
  2. eh, i've been getting more and more saddened by this game the more i hear...ooo well.
  3. i didn't see any option here, so i'm just going to assume that there's no way we can change mike's actual skin color, shame. I saw something about complexion in a preview ages and ages ago, but never heard mention of it sense, it's whatever i guess.
  4. So yeah, i was watching that new game interview that was posted from gamecon, and i noticed that whenever fighting in hand to hand, it was essentially the same as crackdown, in the sense that the character always had their gun out...They put it away for the unarmed portion, but as soon as that stopped, the gun was back out again. So i was wondering, is there a way to be completely unarmed, or will we always have to have a gun equipped. It wouldn't really even impact gameplay, it's just an aesthetics thing.
  5. So, i already know that i want this game for the fact that i can make my own secret agent (finally an actual skin tone conformation, and what not) and get him to act as i want to personality wise. But i was wondering if there is any actual exploration in the game. Now, i know that the missions are said to be non linear, and that it's possible to take several approaches when taking them on, but that's not what i'm asking for. I also know it's not a sandbox game like GTA or Saints Row. But i was wondering, when you aren't on missions, can you walk around small areas (ala Deus Ex and Vampire Bloodlines) or will it only be Missions and Safe Houses. I hope this question was clear. Even exploration on the level of Mass Effect would be quite awesome. (well, i just started playing it today, and it just dawned on me after asking that question, that "Hey! I could put mass effect type exploration in the question too)
  6. Shotguns stop you pretty quickly no matter how many points you have in CQC. At least that's been my experience. CQC is pretty powerful when leveled up, but you still have to exercise caution when approaching enemies. Obviously the game isn't Ghost Recon, but certain weapons will really tear you up in only a few hits. Are the different difficulty levels already defined? If so, what differentiates them? lol, i'm making a black and bald (if bald is possible) martial arts master...(if there's an easy difficulty, i'm putting it on that so i can run through mofos with unarmed)
  7. I'm really wondering how effective martial arts will actually be...at least when it comes to a character who doesn't want to be super stealthy.
  8. well, now that i know you can actually make him black, then i'm down for the game. not the biggest fan of his voice, but hell...i wasn't that big a fan of JC Dentons voice either, and it never really bothered me.
  9. I hope that they do actual character appearance customization in the next ign thing...instead of just game customization.
  10. I'd prefer making him look like a blue woman. Judging by every piece of media present...lol i don't think either of our wishes will be possible with this game. Ehh i'm sure i'll find something else.
  11. lol still not sure if i can make ol' mike black or not.
  12. So will we be able to change skin color or not?
  13. I do wonder, and hope....that we can change the skin color of the character...call me racist all you want, but I would really appreciate playing as a guy of my own race in the game. When it came to answering that question, the answer didn't seem very clear. I know we won't get full body customization...but skin skin color would be nice.
  14. eh not really...just more kicks...no actual style put in.
  15. 'American' and 'Kenpo' until that point I'd been looking forward to the idea of closing in on terrorists etc and pulling off some disarms/takedowns/neckbreaks, of the 3 JBs the game leans toward none of them use a proper system. This game should have Quantum of Solace/Bourne Ultimatum style CQC or it wont be what I would say most people want I personally want more stylized kicking and punching moves...so I think your what most people want comment is invalid...As for what I want, I doubt I'll get that either so hey...whatever.
  16. I can't wait to play the game...though If I remember the post I read yesterday in the martial arts thread, I'm a little sad...I just want some awesome kicking attacks, but from what the post I read, there wont be many at all compared to the punching moves... , now I'm sad...but I'll still get the game...I'll just always think in the back of my head as to what my perfect game would be...that game I'm never going to get to play
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