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  1. I said that implementing an unrealistic fight strategy just to "look cool" was a slippery slope, and now they've released enough footage that perhaps people who were on the fence are starting to agree. I mean, Is anybody honestly wowed by the pummeling animations? Do people really think that having to button mash to pummel people adds significant depth to the gameplay? Yeah.. I don't think anyone finds the melee good. And Sawyer said that when you put more points into the hand-to-hand skill you just get longer combos. That just means more stupid looking pummeling.. I just can't help but to compare the Alpha Protocol H2H to Splinter Cell Conviction's H2H. Splinter Cell has done it well, Sam doesn't waste time hitting his opponents for 10 seconds without reaction, he takes them out quickly and effectively.
  2. There is a HUGE difference between QTE (from behind) and actually directing him to hit. Indeed, and it would be good if there was no difference in the gameplay. The melee just looks stupid now. Yes, it is indeed stupid that Mike has an easier time punching someone from behind. Cut melee from the game, Obsidian! Yup, the frontal melee makes it look like Mike has never practiced fighting or been in a fight.
  3. There is a HUGE difference between QTE (from behind) and actually directing him to hit. Indeed, and it would be good if there was no difference in the gameplay. The melee just looks stupid now.
  4. Personally, I was really disappointed with the melee system.. it looks very clumsy and stupid, even. Michael attacks some guy five times, faces the guy sideways, attacks him five times more before he drops.. all in a very clumsy manner. IMO, it would have been so much better if they made him as good from the front as from behind (I.e, the takedown from behind that happened in a second).
  5. Yeah.. that's what I was thinking. Would kinda suck if we can't see the really cool/nice/sexy/whatever moves unless we finish the combo.
  6. Hmm.. so your combos become longer. But what happens when you're facing someone that you'll take down with 3 strikes and you can do a 15 hit combo? Is the last strike a cool finishing move or just a normal punch? So what I'm asking is.. do you always need to finish the combo to do the cool move?
  7. Yes, I do. Two reasons: hugging each other after a fight is considered good sportsmanship in MMA. Second, I live in the 21:st century so I don't have to hide behind pathetic homophobic insinuations. Cool.
  8. Ah, you think two half-naked men hugging each-other is cool.
  9. Why could there not be blood flying after every punch?
  10. I just played the Bourne Conspiracy demo and I'm wondering how similar will the CQC system? How does AP's CQC compare to these points? The good and bad in the Bourne Conspiracy CQC system, in my opinion: +Cool takedowns +Takedowns while sprinting +Gun disarms when getting close +Multi-person takedowns. Taking down three people is extremely nice, just if there wasn't so much generic hitting before it happens. +Variety in takedowns depending where you are and what's happening around you +People attacking you and you being able to block the attacks when you're fighting with someone. However! It would be a lot nicer if the other enemies attacked more frequently and you automatically blocked them and perhaps let some strikes go through your guard.. depending on your characters CQC skill. Now, in Bourne C, the enemies only attack once in a while. +Blocking. Different blocking animations to different weapons, and instead of staying in the same block position all the time with your hands up like in most games.. you dodge and do some other stuff. -Boss fights. Gosh, they suck. How on Earth could some old prison dude fight on the level of Jason Bourne and take A LOT of punishment? Or for that matter, almost any of the other dudes they come up with? If the boss fights would be done intelligently (e.g from the movie: Jason vs another agent of Treadstone made sense as their skill levels are close) they would be OK, but just making "officers" or the "target" of the mission tough sucks and makes no sense. -Auto-lock on in melee range that you can't get away from(as far as I know, could be wrong.. but it's still bad when implemented like that).. Especially in the 2nd demo map where the train comes. You get locked in a fight, you can't avoid the gun shots or the train and so on. Just.. no. -Adrenaline meter. Seriously, I hate it. It makes no sense that when you come into close combat, Bourne disarms the enemy and could end the fight right there.. instead you need to start throwing generic punches over and over until you can do a takedown. I HATE this in hand to hand combat and almost all games do it. You must do boring **** that makes no sense to get to do the good stuff.. this has also been criticised on reviews and only the nice takedowns save some of it. -"Reaction" stuff. Press A or B or Y or X and you do this or that... Gosh. I rarely play on the XBox and it takes some time to remember the buttons and especially to be able to reactively push them suddenly. It's also boring. I don't think it's a good system at all. EDIT: Though.. after a while, you get used to it and on the second playthrough I didn't miss anything but there's still a better way to do this -Too much repetition; why does he always have to do the same move if there's something you can hit their head on to? There's pretty much different moves if you're not close to a wall or someone isn't shooting at you.. I wish they would have mixed it up a bit. -Still, not enough variety IMO when one of the trademark things of the Bourne movies is the CQC.. There's probably more, but that's all I can remember now. So, IMO, there should be a skill tree or something that makes Michael(I hope that's the name of Alpha Protocol's protagonist..) more efficient in, say, multi-person takedowns or somesuch rather than you having to hit some keys as quickly as you can. I would also like a lot of the "mistakes" in the Bourne game to be dealt with simply making them automatic.. because honestly, I don't demand that much interaction from the fights as making it satisfactory for me isn't quite possible. So it would be best if I press a key and he does the move(s) without me having to repeatedly press something/press something as quick as possible/pray to God it's going to work.
  11. There's a pretty nice amount of variety. One of the reasons we chose AK was because of its wide variety of strikes. Some enemies are more skilled at hand to hand defense and are more likely to block and counter. How quickly you can take someone down does depend on the enemy and how you built your character. Cl_Flushentityhero: I wouldn't really say it's sophisticated. It's simple, but it has good variety and a little more flexibility than just doing the same two-hit combo on a guy over and over. It's very easy to target enemies with CQC when you get up on them, whereas aiming and targeting a gun can be a little trickier at close range (especially on a console controller). I think people will mostly use CQC from stealth, to perform immediate (and silent) take downs. In firefights, it will often be reserved for situations where enemies just get too close to make standard running and gunning easy. One of the CQC unlocks is a quick flying knee (not AK, but... come on, flying knees are pretty sweet), so you can also use it to quickly send a guy flying if someone steps out while you're in a running state. Sounds good, thanks! And Cl's question above me made me wonder if you can take human shields. Can you reveal if it's possible? Anyways, thanks for answering.
  12. Ah.. does he only throw straight jabs and one kind of a kick or can we expect to see knee kicks, knife hand strikes, perhaps some tripping of the enemy, Karate style "locks"(where you break someones arm/whatever with a strike instantly instead of holding him there) et cetera? The most important thing for me would be that there is some variety - that he doesn't always do the same combo and attack the same area. About the block/counter thing.. does the opponents/your level affect the chance? How quickly can you take someone down with CQC normally? Because there shouldn't really be a need to do it for long. The take downs sound pretty good. Thanks.
  13. Exactly, agreed. Punches and kicks are.. very boring if you just have to press a button so he does the same hit five times until the enemy drops.. animations would be really nice.
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