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  1. Don't forget to keep an eye on Amnesia. It's very Penumbra-like.
  2. Frictional Games released yesterday the demo for their upcoming game, Amnesia I must say it was magnificent. You can download it right here
  3. It seems Obsidian has the power to turn every ruin into gold
  4. Congratulations Obsidian! Also, they have polished the visuals a lot since the first reveal trailers
  5. ak-47 and desert eagle old school! anyway, are the guns going to be registered? or just the model with a fictional name?
  6. Is the gameplay going to be as good as in rainbow six vegas 2? i mean challenging difficulty, good cover system, powerful weapons, etc. and another question: desert eagle is present in the game?
  7. Actually I like to know that my weapons aren't hidden and after I press a key the gun comes out by miracle. It's more realistic... and they fully need the realism in this game
  8. OE makes the game, and that box is 99% fake, made by some random Gamestop employee. I wouldn't trust any dates this early in the cycle. I was just ironic when I said Sega is developing AP rofl
  9. In that cover I get the feeling that Mike is Bill Buchanan from 24... his facial expressions are close to Bill's.
  10. ok a few drops are fine but you can see the guard leaving behind much more blood than that... it needs to be adjusted.
  11. It wasn't necessary... after all Sega developed the game and OE just assisted to make sure that they're doing no mistakes. No need to be mentioned on the box. Now seriously, it's just a preliminary box, I'm sure this isn't going to be the final look.
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