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  1. While I didn't know him, best of luck, from me too. Does anyone round here know and may disclose, if he did any work for NWN2?
  2. No Planescape: Torment? No Quest for Glory? No Deus Ex or Vampire: Bloodlines or Wizardry or Ultima or Knights of the Old Republic or BioShock or Diablo or World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy or Arcanum or Fallout or Elder Scrolls? I mean, your list is your list, but it's strange that the top RPGs are all set in the Forgotten Realms and were made by 2 different companies. Nope, sorry, back then money was scarce and gaming was limited to playing demos for me. For a while at least ... I played most of them as demos. I remember a King's Quest by Sierra or some such, being my first
  3. NWN was an epic failure in story to the point it was duller than a spoon. The devs focused too much on the play on aspect and being able to make your own dungeons and such that they gave the story of the single player game a back seat. Best RPG ever: 1. BG 1 2. NWN 2: Mask of the Betrayer 3. NWN: HotU 4. NWN 2 OC 5. NWN 2: SoZ 6. NWN OC 7. NWN: SoU] 8. BG 2 Not a fact, just my personal opinion on the matter. o:)
  4. Always! R.I.P. Amen! :good: No, can't say that I bought their games; back then, money was scarce and I somehow missed them.
  5. Maybe this will help: http://user.services.openoffice.org/en/for...f=10&t=3032
  6. interests me a lot: what's the cleanest way of setting up such a machine? I'm going to have a similar setup soon, with the exception of Vista, which will be Win 7. 1. install the oldest MS OS, in my case XP 2. then install the newest MS OS, in my case Vista 3. install Ubuntu. If you don't want Ubuntu's bootloader to take over everything, there is an option towards the end of the installation of Ubuntu to install it's bootloader to its own native partition rather than to the MBR. Then use EasyBCD (freeware) from within Win 7 to add it's boot entry to the Win 7 bootloader. In an
  7. Ubuntu rocks! And no, I'm not a linux zealot. I'm your average power user running a tripple boot system (Ubuntu 8.10 64-bit, Vista 64-bit, XP Pro 32-bit). All three have their weaknesses and their strong points. However, it is my experience and my firm belief that Ubuntu is far superior to any MS OS. And here's why: 1.It's free and it's OpenSource. 2.It's more stable than a MS OS (I did not have a CTD or BsoD in Ubuntu yet. I wonder why that is?) 3.No driver installation required. Exception: graphics card drivers, but even in this case Ubuntu is superior, since it properly recognizes y
  8. Death, both on a personal level, and as in death in the family.
  9. Logic is governed by the rules of the respective scientific discipline. doh Facts, have to be examined, as to whether they are real facts or propaganda lies. doh Good one, thanks for making my day. I'm ROFLMAO. I abide by the rules of logic as outlined in the respective scientific discipline. Mostly anyways. And again: there are facts; and there are mass media propaganda lies. The so called fact that the former Secretary of State presented to the UN to get an alliance of Operation Iraqi Freedom, was a fabricated propaganda lie. Proof: no WoMD have been found since the start of
  10. Not the logic and facts of a war supporter, no, sorry won't work ... I don't see why I have to bend to your logic and your (mostly fabricated) facts ... sorry, no can do. Yeah, jeez. Now explain Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to me. Trust me, for an invaded country and its people it doesn't matter much who the invader is. Go ask an Iraqi who has lost all his family due to indiscriminate carpet bombing of civilian areas and report back what he will tell you. Against the invader, simple as that. If you believe the invaders are liberators and should be greeted with
  11. If it's a game to you, I pity you. May be, randoomn00b just fell into a logical treap, there. May be this reference was there, to provoke this exact answer. And no I don't feel squashed. And it's not a game nor a competition for me. It's a hopefully civil exchange of opinions on an issue of world politics.
  12. Sorry, my bad, I just assummed they had, by looking at my boxes, since there name was listed first.
  13. You sure about that, bub? How about policing their own territory and making sure the US have no reason to cross over and make a mess? Oh wait, I forgot. The US weren't really after terrorists - they were bombing towns indiscriminately, for fun. My bad. I'm not your bub, ok? sheesh And no, your bad is that you put words in my mouth that I did not say in the context of the attack on Syrian soil. Smear tactics don't work on me ... neither do flamebaits ... And on the policing matter, how come the US don't make the same demands on countries like Germany, after all some the 9/11 terrorists s
  14. Hm, yeah, major turndown and it would be a good reason not to buy games that include this version of SecuROM for me, although I'm currently dual booting Vista64 and XP, so it might not affect me at all. Nevertheless, I agree that this is just one step too far ...
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