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  1. So I posted the profile and background I wrote in the The Outer Worlds: Stories (Spoiler Warning!) subforum, as I thought the "stories" part of the forum's title was suitable. But then I realized that might have been a mistake since there are not any spoilers in it, and posting it in a forum in which there are posts with spoilers might mean that not a lot of people see it. I'd love to get critique and thoughts on my character, so I'm reposting it here, which I hope is okay. Let me know if it's not okay, or if I need to delete the other one. Anyway, I'd love some comments! Basic inf
  2. So a few weeks ago I wrote a character profile and background for my character in The Outer Worlds, since I'm a roleplayer at heart. I thought I'd post it on these forums to get some critique, so please comment with your thoughts! Basic information Name: Sarah Eleana Yardeen. Nom de guerre: Brightfall. Aliases: Sarah Brightfall, Captain Alex Hawthorne. Birthplace: London, England. Birth date: 2270. Age: 15. Spoken languages: English, Arabic, Hebrew, Dutch. Religion: None. Favourite poem: Invictus. Family: Ashraf Medad Yardeen (father, deceased), Liesbeth Saskia Yardeen (mother
  3. Since I wanted to remove the threat of the Floating Hangman and considerably weaken the Príncipi, I followed along with the Príncipi questline until was able to kill Lucia Rivan and her undead crew. When I returned to Aelys with the ship (I had previously killed Furrante and the other captains) I just cut her down without even talking to her. I am planning to go to Ukaizo alone. The game won't assume that I joined the Príncipi just because I went along with their questline that far, right? I'm assuming not since A Dance with Death failed, The Coming Storm did not complete and The City Los
  4. Today, I noticed some missing strings in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. When I went to Arkemyr's Mansion for the first time and was sneaking through the laboratories level, I was spotted by one of the imps, prompting a conversation. The odd thing was that while in the conversation screen, it said something like "MissingName" (I can't remember the exact line). But when I entered combat, the proper name for the imp was indeed hovering above it. Then I noticed that, in the character reputation screen, something similar had happened. A few of the conversation options that had changed chara
  5. By "Elapsed Time", are you referring to the time that is displayed, for example, on the save file when loading it? I'm pretty sure that's a time counter for how long it's been in-universe since your started character started his/her journey. The months do go by, there's an entire calendar invented for the game's world. I'm pretty sure that "Time in Party" means how long a companion has been in your party in real-life time.
  6. Looks like a great character you have! I find that field of study of your character's love interest to be very interesting too! I'm so glad my post inspired you to write it!
  7. I would prefer it if you made a new thread! Thank you for asking!
  8. Thanks for the kind words! And I understand. I don't write down everything about my characters, just what I feel is what I need to get the game started, and then I let the character develop a bit more while playing the game. I often rewrite parts of the backstory after this point as well. Personally, I am very dedicated to the roleplaying aspect, and I try not to metagame anything. I play on the Story Mode difficulty, because the story experience is more important to me than challenging combat. I, or I should say Alendra, struck a deal with Llengrath and helped the Alpine Dragon instead o
  9. Wow! I hadn't got any replies for a long time and so I didn't think I would get any, but I'm happy I checked again! Thanks for all your replies, it's lovely to read them and I truly appreciate it. Replies like yours are the reason I posted this here in the first place! I have rewritten and expanded her backstory a little bit, but it's still mostly the same. I tried finding an edit button on the original post but couldn't find one, so here's the new version: "Alendra Davar was born in the year 2808 AI in the Aedyr Empire as the bastard daughter of Lord Santach of House Davar, an Aedyran
  10. I've recently created a new character in Pillars of Eternity. Being an avid roleplayer, I've written a profile and backstory. I'm posting it here to show it, and I'd love to hear what people think! Alendra Davar Full name: Alendra Eleanna Davar. Birthdate: 2808 AI. Age: 15-16. Titles: The Watcher. Race: Meadow Folk. Class: Cipher. Culture: Aedyr, Living Lands. Background: Aristocrat bastard (originally), Colonist. Backstory: The bastard daughter of Lord Santach of House Anuasal - an Aedyran noble family - and Gwreidd
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